1. TerribleTim68's Avatar
    Hey gang, I tried searching for this one and couldn't find what I was looking for. My Playbook came with an app on it called "Scheme". The icon is blank and when I click on it, it just crashes out. What is it suppose to be? Does anyone else have this?
    01-06-12 11:56 AM
  2. spatialmongrel's Avatar
    looks like a free flowcharting app. its in app world.
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    01-06-12 12:07 PM
  3. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    I am clueless but now very curious lol.
    01-06-12 12:07 PM
  4. TerribleTim68's Avatar
    Well what do you know! There it is in app world.

    Hey thanks, maybe I'll try deleting it and reinstalling it. I think that might actually come in handy at some point. Sort of like mind-mapping, but not as fluid and smooth, but free is good.
    01-06-12 12:25 PM
  5. offthahorseceo's Avatar
    but you said it came preloaded on your playbook?
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    01-06-12 03:00 PM