08-12-11 09:38 PM
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  1. Darlaten's Avatar
    1. Skype
    2. Grindr
    3. MSN Messenger
    4. PDF Viewer (A real, full functioning one)
    5. File Manager
    6. DSM-IV-TR Diagnostic Manual in Ebook form
    7. TuneIn Radio
    04-23-11 11:55 PM
  2. ummie4's Avatar
    Skype. DWG viewer. EDrawing viewer. Steam chat app. Ventrilo. Comcast. Page Once. File browser/organizer. Flickr
    04-24-11 08:43 AM
  3. wheresmy600's Avatar
    a web browser that actually increases font size so that you don't have to do that stupid side to side scrolling
    04-24-11 11:33 PM
  4. lotuslanderz's Avatar
    golf GPS
    Yikes, can you imagine how much longer the rounds would be with if you took your PB with you?
    04-25-11 03:32 AM
  5. belsunce's Avatar
    1. good comic book reader (like comic4zeal on iOS). the one currently available is slow and cluncky.

    2. full featured PDF reader like GoodReader, that supports bookmarks, filing of PDFs in subfolders and annotations.

    3. ereader

    4. good note taking app la Penultimate (I like scribbling notes with a stylus). I tried all but the 19.99$ one on the app world and they are ALL garbage.

    5. some premium games. I miss Infinity Blade..
    04-25-11 05:51 AM
  6. drethos's Avatar
    Any real pop cap games because the browser versions run very well.
    a good scheduling program.
    a descent youtube app though the browser works fine.
    a file manager, even though it should be free i would be willing to pay if i had to.
    a kindle app even though it should be free but amazon is probably not going to due to the "super secret" tablet they are making.
    a amazon cloud app
    a guitar app like the ipad with a banjo skin and sound. i have something i need to do with it durring the summer.
    gps chart plotting once they get the gps working.
    tether because at&t is a ***** and let blackberry have any fun.
    a home design cad.
    heat loss calculator
    enphase link app.
    solar module design software
    ret calculator
    thats all i can think of atm.
    04-25-11 06:16 AM
  7. howarmat's Avatar
    Yikes, can you imagine how much longer the rounds would be with if you took your PB with you?
    i have been to a course that actually has ipads in them for GPS and they also have browser and other stuff active too. It was pretty damn awesome to have GPS on the screen and then be able to check out the latest news and sports at the same time.
    04-25-11 10:56 AM
  8. Faagmer's Avatar
    I'd love to see an app that would let my (future) Playbook be used as a bluetooth keyboard for my PS3.

    One device to control them all =P
    04-25-11 02:37 PM
  9. bdad14's Avatar
    fruit ninja, angry birds, skype
    04-25-11 03:11 PM
  10. JerBru's Avatar
    Definately Pocket Informant that syncs with BB
    Expense manager (are you listening Exgis?)
    File manager
    04-25-11 04:42 PM
  11. lanctot's Avatar
    external hard drive manager.
    04-25-11 05:41 PM
  12. thpsrulr's Avatar
    Angry Birds
    slingbox player
    04-25-11 06:29 PM
  13. Darlaten's Avatar
    I'd pay anything for an app that handles statistics calculations for psychology, e.g., one that can handle t-tests (dependent, independent samples), the calculations of power, effect size such as r2 and eta2, pearson correlation, spearman rank correlation, anova, p, and p-rep. That could come in really handy for school.
    04-26-11 12:19 AM
  14. emalyth's Avatar
    I would pay for a decent twitter app like Social Scope or Tweetdeck.
    Me too and I would really pay for SocialScope!!!
    04-26-11 12:20 PM
  15. lnichols's Avatar
    Garmin GPS App
    Slingplayer App
    SiriusXM App
    Angry Birds
    Maybe a few quality games
    04-26-11 02:32 PM
  16. Chaotic_Cannon's Avatar
    I would buy (if these were developed)

    - BMO Banking app (Bank of Montreal)
    - Airline app (like Air Canada, Continental, etc) for check in, boarding pass, etc
    - Support for Lync 2010/OCS enterprise communicator/ Microsoft Office Communicator (MOC) - I desperately need this.
    - Premium games (meaning loads better than currently out there) Like Gemcraft
    - Skype
    - Netflix or Hulu
    - Steam client chat
    - Teamspeak and Ventrilo status and join server to communicate app
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    08-06-11 12:19 AM
  17. Fransz's Avatar
    garmin or tomtom nav
    bes access without bb bridge can be through wifi
    08-11-11 03:46 PM
  18. Fransz's Avatar
    and webex or jabber
    08-11-11 03:49 PM
  19. BoldBigWorm's Avatar
    -COMIC BOOK READER(a proper one not the one that app world has)
    -Angry Birds
    -Virtual DJ
    -Torrent Client
    -Garmin Navigation
    08-11-11 04:29 PM
  20. djdrastic's Avatar
    SSH Client
    RDP Client
    Better Office Suite
    Nmap would be a godsend to me as well.

    Kinda strange the synergy in some of these posts .......
    Almost like there's a market for this
    08-11-11 10:08 PM
  21. bb.pl's Avatar
    I would "pay" for most of the common apps that are available for "free" in almost all other tablets.
    e.g Kindle, banking apps, stock apps, free games, native email, calender a decent map etc.

    Since, I am stuck with the playbook and the secondary market price has fallen so much its not even worth half the price I paid for, so might *** well suck it up and add to the sunk cost by paying for apps what other devices have for free.
    08-12-11 09:23 AM
  22. MikeLip's Avatar
    Email client similar to Thunderbird.
    Turn-by-turn navigation.
    Graphing calculator/solver.

    Is Evernote available?
    08-12-11 12:11 PM
  23. MikeLip's Avatar
    1. Dropbox
    2. File manager
    3. Google apps
    4. Skype
    5. Zoho CRM
    Whats wrong with Bluebox? Seems to work pretty well as a Dropbox client.

    I have yet to find a good file manager.
    08-12-11 12:18 PM
  24. MikeLip's Avatar
    After early hiccups on day one, I went from hating my Playbook to loving it. There's just one problem: no Twitter app!!!

    How can we tweet about our Playbooks without a twitter app? RIM is missing out on a great word-of-mouth opportunity.

    I would pay for a decent twitter app like Social Scope or Tweetdeck.
    Thats a PROBLEM? I call it a blessing.
    08-12-11 12:19 PM
  25. moryc's Avatar
    Home automation would be great, maybe someone could even make some blackberry x10 modules ...
    Check out Schlage LiNK Home Automation

    Don't get to caught up on them advertising the iPad app ... with the Playbook you can just log into the user portal and control all devices without an app...

    x10 is dead -- Z-Wave is the way to go :-)

    I have my house automated using z-wave...and use my Bold 9700 to control my door locks, lights and thermostat remotely.
    08-12-11 09:38 PM
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