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    Here is an except of a bug report I just sent in to Untangled Development:

    "This is the dangdest thing, but I thought you should know about it.

    "I was puzzled why, no matter which version I downloaded, I was having problems with Philip K. 's classic, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

    "No matter which version I used, Book Reader would NOT hold my place for me in this e-book. I would close the book and on reopening it would just go to the title page.

    "I uninstalled and reinstalled Book Reader. Thinking I had bunged up system files, I even did a device wipe and installed only Book Reader and this one book. Still same stuff.

    "As a long shot, I opened the epub in Sigil and started fiddling with the metadata. Once I got rid of that question mark out of the Title field, the book behaved normally. This explains the odd behaviour across various epubs from various sources--they all had that question mark in the Title Field.

    "Book Reader doesn't seem to mind commas, colons, in periods in the metadata, but somehow one little question mark holds up the placeholding behaviour.

    "Does this make any sense to you?

    "Thought you'd like to know!

    "I am using the most recent version--1.3.1, methinks."

    This is an obscure bug, indeed, but do any HTML or XML gurus out there have any idea where this would come from? It was literally driving me bonkers!
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    Good find. Good book too (the man in the high castle and a scanner darkly are my other two favourites).
    Pretty irrelevant but have just checked mine... My epub ver has no ? in the title (I didn't convert it), but my mobi copy does and opens fine in the sideloaded android kindle app.
    02-16-12 03:10 AM
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    I also just noticed that, despite efforts to edit my post twice, Crackberry.com is considering that author's surname an obscenity and replacing with some inert tags instead!

    Prudery runs rife!
    02-16-12 03:22 AM
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    Igor of Untangled Development just replied to me:

    Hi Leslie,
    Thank you for contacting Untangled Development technical support.
    I just want to say that I'm very impressed with your analytical skills.

    Book name and book file name are used as a part of the regular
    expression queries inside the
    reader including placeholder management code. Some characters (e.g., *
    or ? or #)
    have special meaning in those regular expressions and I have to filter
    them out manually.
    Apparently, I've failed to include ? character in this filter and it
    has prevented
    the reader from finding the correct saved placeholder.

    I'll fix this issue in the next release of the reader.

    Thank you for your help and sorry for the inconvenience,
    Untangled Development

    I'll be darned!

    Great customer service!
    02-17-12 12:03 AM