1. balama's Avatar
    I attend and conduct allot of educational and product demo/training webinars.

    sometimes its citrix webex. go-to-meeting, go-to-webinar or some other hosted webinar service.

    does any one know which services work through the browser or which ones have apps like webex, go-to-meeting, mighty meeting, does for ios or the blackberry?

    it would be nice to setup my playbook to sit in on some of these sessions while I work on my desktop on real work items. or conduct a session on the go with my playbook like I can do with other tablets or smartphones..
    03-23-12 11:54 AM
  2. OttawaGabe's Avatar
    I haven't found any. My work uses webex, and I cannot access it via my playbook.
    03-23-12 01:07 PM
  3. symbotier's Avatar
    Adobe Connect has an app for Playbook that I have used successfully several times. It works best with headphones for chatting because of feedback. Otherwise it is very good.
    03-23-12 05:10 PM