1. kboya's Avatar
    hey folks,
    is anyone aware of another web browser on appworld that s native and not an android port? sick of the stock browser crashing, and frankly the android ports are uniformly slow.
    11-24-12 02:01 PM
  2. pacoman03's Avatar
    Simple Browser and Secure Browser are both native
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    11-24-12 02:56 PM
  3. jeroen_13's Avatar
    Maxthon browser
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    11-24-12 05:13 PM
  4. pacoman03's Avatar
    Maxthon is android.
    kboya likes this.
    11-24-12 05:41 PM
  5. kboya's Avatar
    thanks, id already tried maxthon. simple appears native, but the resolution seems off, like soft focus! anyways, seems the best of the bunch. I'm hoping for some significant improvements when bb10 comes along. thanks.
    11-25-12 02:46 AM

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