1. notfanboy's Avatar
    Can't ORB do the job?
    10-23-11 12:50 PM
  2. wedlake21's Avatar
    Orb 'can' do the job, but doesn't do it nearly aa well as Sonicair!!! You can get Sonicair on Appworld.
    10-23-11 01:12 PM
  3. gwanstarr's Avatar
    Can't ORB do the job?
    Orb does stream, but it's not a media player app where KaremSoft MP is. As it says in the first post:

    It can play media files with common codecs and containers such as divx, xvid, wmv, wma, mkv, etc. stored on the device (see below limitation for Pixi and Veer) as well as on a remote PC.
    10-23-11 01:13 PM
  4. demzzy's Avatar
    i have emailed them before about this and they said that they weren't going to in the short term but in the long term they will definitely look into it.... so i can only hope..

    with the native suppose for mkv in 2.0 tho.. we will see
    10-23-11 03:19 PM
  5. samab's Avatar
    I have a feeling that most of these mobile companies (not fingering karemsoft specifically) selling video players are 2-3 man operations and are just recompiling a bunch of open source codecs together --- without paying anybody a single cent of patent licensing fee.

    There are reasons why Apple and Google dump 25-30% of the apps on their app stores each year.
    10-23-11 03:26 PM