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    It is official Temple Run is being released on Android March 27th, and many of you know what we can do with one of those .apks! This could even help convince the developers on porting their application because of how easy it is!
    Hopefully the .apk works!
    “We are excited to finally share the Android release date with our fans who have been so enthusiastic and supportive of Temple Run,” said Keith Shepherd, co-founder of Imangi Studios. “By expanding to more mobile devices, we hope to provide the same addictive and fast-paced gameplay to an entirely new group of players.”
    Source: TechnoBuffalo
    03-07-12 06:29 AM
  2. koperniczx3's Avatar
    most of android games crash on Android.. I highly doubt Temple run will be different.. however id like to be able to play that game on the pb

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    03-07-12 06:52 AM
  3. GGKoul's Avatar
    I'm sure the developer has the means to fix the reasons why converted apk fail on a PB.
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    03-07-12 07:30 AM
  4. pinkert11's Avatar
    A port to PB would be better then a bar. Just smother and works better with multi-tasking.
    03-07-12 09:15 AM