01-28-12 02:35 AM
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    Although your going to get a lot of resistance (your first message in hid thread comes across bad) I think we can benefit from the experience. To expand upon your experiences, I think the problem is you were looking for things that aren't the most reliable on the PB - in a large part do to the SDK limits that have been about.

    Now I have to say, if an app doesn't do as advertised - ask the developer about it . Maybe somethings changed - you are using the developer build os2. Stuff will bug for you because it's not a released os.

    But don't be afraid to ask for refunds. As the development for Secure Browser, lots of people buy my app and find it doesn't meet their needs. I'm happy to help them refund through appworldbilling@rim.com. No developer (that is passionate about their apps) wants a person to feel ripped off

    But I think you picked some bad apps. Winamp (I'm the one who originally signed it for everyone) has some major stability problems on the PB. Now don't get me wrong, Android has 50 times the apps - so odds are good you can find one. But that's what os2 will be for .

    I recommend, and purely from an objective perspective here, but build some of the apps you think are missing. And you can make some more money back while improving the community. I can even help you get started.

    I also bought Secure Browser a week or so ago and it's well worth $1.99 for the rendering speed alone. Thanks!
    01-28-12 02:35 AM
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