01-24-12 11:14 PM
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    Okay, well if that's all you're talking about, it's basically universal to all apps. As kbz1960 pointed out (quoting me, I suspect), when you uninstall an app the space is not immediately reclaimed but appears to be in use, briefly, until either you restart or some periodic housekeeping is done a few minutes later. I believe it's just more obvious with NFS because of the size. (I observed this while experimenting with installing and removing the Recipe Box app while investigating the backup timeout issue, where after an uninstall an immediate backup attempt failed, but it would work if I waited 10-15 minutes first.)

    Chances are good that this is no different than how when an app exits from memory, the free memory doesn't necessarily return instantly to the amount it had prior to you running the app. Between caching, temporary files, and other such things in a complex OS, you often can't count on 100% determinism, at least not over a short time span. I think it's safe to say, however, that even if the display of "space free" hasn't gone back up immediately, that space is actually available when needed.

    So I'm pretty confident in saying that, although a restart may alter the timing of this sort of cleanup, it is not necessary, ever, to restart after installing or uninstalling an app on the PlayBook.
    Yeah I see your point, and I agree with the 'housekeeping' part. I too noticed that sometimes when i go back to check my free space, it is not exactly as it was before. This doesn't happen often, but I'm sure if i pay a little more attention next time, I'll notice it happens after some sort of change whether its uninstalling or whatever.

    There is an game called Neverball that I downloaded yesterday from the AppWorld, my girlfriend really wanted it so I got it for her. Some users were complaining about something I forget exactly what, but because of this the vendor noted in the description we should restart the playbook after install, or restart it if the problem ever does arise. I was skeptical to download at first, but my gf really wanted it and for $0.99, I really don't have much to lose so I installed and rebooted, worked fine for me and I have no idea if it would have also worked fine if I did not restart it, chances are it would, but I guess the question is if there ever is a reason to restart the playbook other than for 'housekeeping'. I wouldn't know as I have no facts to support this.

    If you simply click 'update' it will ask to replace version x with version y.. it does save your race progress and history.
    01-24-12 06:59 PM
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    Thank god I haven't had this glitch/bug/problem before. It would give me a heart attack. I now have a spare GB micro SD card in my possession. Now I really wish they had a port for it on my playbook..even though I have 50.4GB left
    01-24-12 11:14 PM
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