1. hopper76's Avatar
    Sorry if this was posted before but just wanted to bring it to light again.

    I've been seeing this Walmart commercial related with Vudu where you can bring your own movies and they will make a digital copy of it for $2 each and once done you can stream these movies unlimited times on your computer or tablet.

    I know that there isn't an app for Vudu (not yet I hope) available for PB but was wondering if one can use the browser to stream movies from Vudu?

    Any replies would be appreciated........ BE BOLD!!!
    05-01-12 05:35 PM
  2. patmur2010's Avatar
    any update on this?

    well, I have been unable to use the browser for vudu and there is currently no android app I am aware of.
    11-06-12 11:40 PM