1. sirfly2fly's Avatar
    hey i see a new android/iOS app on the rise called voxer, its walkie-talkie with chat nd groups kinda like beepUs..so anyways i was wondering if anyone wants to try and convert it for the playbook
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    11-27-11 10:21 AM
  2. Harlene L's Avatar
    Voxer enables users to send instant audio, text, and photo messages to one or more friends. It is a walkie-talkie app for smartphones. This iOS and Android application seems to be the one that's receiving the attention of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, in no little part because young people are eating it up. I read this here: Voxer walkie-talkie app makes big noise for iOS, Android.
    02-28-12 12:28 AM
  3. xxjavaxx2001's Avatar
    anyone? no one?
    02-28-12 03:39 AM