1. jessi449's Avatar
    Has anyone else played this? It's great! And free.

    It is gory, just a heads up

    Just needs to be longer or add new levels!
    05-05-11 07:01 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I shall have to check it out tonight when I get to wifi!
    05-05-11 08:21 AM
  3. anthonybaker's Avatar
    yah its good. the same company does another one i think is called zee and the alien or something like that. its fun as well
    05-05-11 11:37 AM
  4. trevlan006's Avatar
    stuck in the kitchen....lol
    05-06-11 08:50 AM
  5. smfa1965's Avatar
    How the heck do you get passed the cat? He's standing by the hole in the house and can't get him to move.
    05-06-11 09:24 AM
  6. theodoreandon's Avatar
    stuck in the kitchen....lol
    Oranges, Blender and the Sink.
    05-06-11 09:25 AM
  7. bluemax413's Avatar
    stuck in the kitchen....lol
    Oranges, Blender and the Sink.
    Not working for me either. Blender lid, orange, blender controls, lid, sink, drawer, knife?

    either way, the knife won't kill grandma.
    05-06-11 09:53 AM
  8. Foreverup's Avatar
    If anyone is has have trouble with this game it has been on the net for awhile a lot of sites have the walkthrough posted
    05-06-11 11:21 AM
  9. Witmen's Avatar
    on the kitchen you have to put the orange in the blender. open the lid, turn the blender on to make a mess, when she goes to clean up the mess open the drawer put the knife in the drawer then and then turn on the water faucet.

    Its a fun little game. Too bad its so short.
    05-06-11 11:23 AM
  10. Mama2Many's Avatar
    I like the game...I just hate that it doesn't save my progress. I have to start all the way back at the beginning every time.
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    05-06-11 01:46 PM
  11. MusicMtl's Avatar
    Yeah, it's a great game. Hopefully they will add more levels at some point. Or release sequels...
    05-06-11 01:59 PM
  12. dasilvetz's Avatar
    its awesome.. a little short but awesome.. and i doubt any extra levels will be released, the game is originally from 2007 or 2008.
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    05-06-11 03:34 PM
  13. drjay868's Avatar
    i've killed the old woman but what's next? Nothing happens and there's no more options
    05-06-11 07:54 PM
  14. MusicMtl's Avatar
    Go through the air vent.

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    05-06-11 08:14 PM
  15. fatherslot's Avatar
    great lil game..i do hope they add to it..
    05-06-11 09:12 PM
  16. ClickShakeGames's Avatar
    Hey guys, we're happy to hear you enjoyed our game. The kitchen is the trickiest part for people. I may tweak that part and re-release it at some point. We want to do an even better sequel some time, but are focusing on other games right now.

    We also currently have 4 chapters of the game series Several Journeys of Reemus on the PlayBook, with 1 more on the way in the near future. If you like the point and click adventure style of Visitor and Zee and the Alien Machine, Reemus is the same style and you'll probably like them too. Also, The Visitor makes several appearances in Reemus so you might enjoy that.

    We've listed all our available games at this link: BlackBerry PlayBook Games by ClickShake Games LLC
    06-06-11 09:32 AM
  17. rkwon74's Avatar
    stuck in the kitchen....lol
    i'm stuck on there also..lol.. any luck?
    06-06-11 10:43 PM
  18. rkwon74's Avatar
    believe it or not, you have to get back up on the window area and you actually have to jump right into the cat's ***.. seriously....lol.
    06-06-11 10:44 PM
  19. JeePak's Avatar
    is there a way to eat the bird by the pond? or the dog in the kitchen?
    06-07-11 06:58 PM
  20. SmakBerry's Avatar
    I love the humor in these games.... I laughed so hard at jumping in the cats rear
    06-07-11 07:08 PM
  21. ronshane's Avatar
    Great game, but too short
    06-07-11 08:13 PM
  22. meganVee's Avatar
    i'm stuck on there also..lol.. any luck?
    I am also stuck there. I have grandma killed and the vent open and the alien on the counter. I can click the light and dog but nothing happens... Thid is an awesome game though!!!

    Edit: I figured it out. Started over so I could do stuff in order. Clicked the light bulb then went through the vent!!! Funny, awesome game!!!
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    06-08-11 02:50 AM
  23. nastyboy2's Avatar
    is there a way to eat the bird by the pond? or the dog in the kitchen?
    just played it for the first time. that is what i'd like to know also. i thought everything that you click on has a purpose. i wanna kill that dog in the kitchen!
    12-04-11 11:34 PM