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    See PlayBook OS 2 shown off, adds full handset remote control and display

    And I quote: "Also added to Bridge is a presentation mode that allows you to run apps on your BlackBerry phone and wirelessly push video to the PlayBook’s display. It makes for a handy way to run presentations from your phone, demo apps to a friend or business colleague, or simply enjoy a larger-screen view of your favorite games that don’t have a PlayBook version available."

    Will this render the Phone Remote app redundant?
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    02-08-12 04:07 AM
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    In short, no because what they showed off was essentially what they showed off previously with more added features but at the time of the initial announcement those features weren't ready to be spotlighted so as such; they just called it the remote app rather then calling it what it really is -- Bridge 2.0.
    02-08-12 04:53 AM
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    Phone remote (the 3rd party app) kind of does this... Sort of.
    You can connect to the phone over the same wifi network and essentially control, run apps and display the phones screen on/from your PB.
    It's laggy and the phone screen is displayed the same size on the PB. You can choose full screen option, but it's so blurry/pixelated it's no use really like that. Only benefit I see would be to change phone options/turn bridge on and off etc while you're away from the phone itself (but both on the same wifi).
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    Don't care what it's called. We want it and it's coming this month. Whoop whoop :-)
    02-08-12 05:22 AM