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    Alright CB Nation,

    I've been getting some feedback that most users don't know about the Context Feature that's available within the Social Cube. I've posted a quick video guide to show my fellow Crackberry users how to use this.

    Context Cube 3D - YouTube

    Remember - there are 2 Distinct ways to view info in the Social Cube

    1. Double tap on any cube face (FB,Twitter,LinkedIn) to get a Quick Update on whats' happening in your network
    2. Double Swipe (Two Fingers - up or down) on any cube face (FB, LinkedIn or Twitter) to get a Detailed view of what's up in each network.

    Few of the analytical tools available are:

    1. Admirer Quotient (Who's your most active fan/friend/follower in FB)
    2. Video, Photo Posts and status updates ( Recent posts in FB - you no longer need to scroll endlessly to check for photo or video posts by friends)
    3. Alerts - Friend Requests, Notifications and Events in FB
    4. FB Checkins - Recent Checkins by your friends, Your Checkins, Checkins near you
    5. Post on FB

    Phew - that was FB. Next up Twitter context; (double swipe on 'Home' to get back)

    1. Who's Hot - Your twitter connections who have the maximum following and most active (Cube 1 in context mode)
    2. Who's Not - Low profile connections in Twitter (Cube 1 in context mode)
    3. Whom to follow - self explanatory (Cube 1)
    4. Twitter - Tweets, Retweets and My Tweets ( Cube 2 in context mode)
    5. Twitter Inbox, Messages and Mentions (Cube 3 in context mode)
    6. Trends - Daily, Weekly & Your Favorites (Cube 4 " " ")
    7. Post your Tweet function (Cube 5)

    Swipe back on 'Home'. Next up; LinkedIn

    1. This context currently takes a few seconds to load (the analytics here are a lot more intense)
    1. Network savvy connections - your connections with maximum network potential
    2. Low Profile connections
    3. Connections in your industry - quick feature that allows you to know which of your connections work in the same Line of Business as you do (handy when you're looking to fill a position in your company/project, etc..)
    4. Moving on the Cube 2 in context mode....
    5. Experienced contacts - lists your connections by Maximum experience. We designed this for recruiters who have large connections. It helps quickly pinpoint connections in an area with Maximum exposure
    6. Newcomers - Rookies or connections with relatively low experience
    7. Connections Nearby
    8. Suggestions (Cube 3 in context mode) Job, Group and Company suggestions proposed by LinkedIn that's analyzed based on your profile.
    9. Updates (Cube 4 in context mode) contains Status updates, Job postings and ALL feature that gives you a unified inbox of all updates
    10. Update Status directly from Cube 5

    Remember that each cube face comes with a small info icon on the top left corner that gives a brief on what the cube's about.

    Here's the Quick link to my original post on Launch Day. Pls keep you feedback coming in. There is a Feedback tool within the app - click on the gear icon on the bottom right of the screen > click on Feedback - post your feature request > I'll get it as an email right away.


    Hope you guys like the feature set. Pls let me know if you'd like to see custom or specific contextual information in our next release and I'll make sure we do our best to roll it out for you
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    Thanks for the video helped a lot!!! One question though, how do i see conversations on twitter? all i see is what one person answered.

    And is there any chance you could add the ability to view images from twitter(or make it so that when we click them they open in the browser) , this would make it even greater than it is.

    Again thanks for your help, and your great app.
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