1. Lolleh's Avatar
    I just got my playbook and im really excited to get it running.
    anyway, i updated to the 2.0 beta software and now my video chat software says it wont connect. Also, it seems as if android honeycomb launcher is working but the app store does not.

    Im also wondering if anyone has had issues with flash video streming skipping and making it impossible to watch, how fast does your wifi have to be for it to stream flawlessly? sometimes it works perfectly, but at my boyfriends house it skips and stalls. He also has a playbook, so id really like to get that fixed because thats why he bought the playbook over the ipad.

    im also looking for good instant messenger app, some good note taking apps.

    thanks for your time!
    12-23-11 09:32 PM
  2. FourOhFour's Avatar
    Videochat in 2.0 is not backwards compatible with the deployed video chat servers it seems. You'll have to either use the 1.0.8 release, or wait until 2.0 goes live in Feb.

    If you are not tied to Android apps or you're not developing 2.0 apps, then you shouldn't be running the beta release.
    12-24-11 12:44 AM