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    I don't want to pile on the OP but, I have to disagree about the native apps, all I have tried work flawlessly. I avoid android apps like the plague, it's not just the android player either, the interfaces just seem so primitive compared to native apps. I will agree that BlackBerry should exert some quality control in Appworld there is quite a bit of garbage in there. I want quality, not quantity.
    04-08-12 07:15 AM
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    I own my PB for a month now and I admit that the apps prices are high. But the thing is... it has served my needs. I am willing to pay for QUALITY apps however

    Everyone will kill me on this but the PB is pretty good as a gaming and media device . In fact, I do see this as the other half of my Curve 9360 being it my communications hub. My only annoyance is that RIM does not allow App Data to be passed via the Bridge .
    04-08-12 07:46 AM
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    THere are many other users too who expecting something better from RIM
    04-08-12 08:35 AM
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    I don't want to pile on the OP but, I have to disagree about the native apps, all I have tried work flawlessly. I avoid android apps like the plague, it's not just the android player either, the interfaces just seem so primitive compared to native apps. I will agree that BlackBerry should exert some quality control in Appworld there is quite a bit of garbage in there. I want quality, not quantity.
    Even i nvr had problem with apps i have downloaded. I have more than 200 Apps installed in my PlayBook at present and all works fine.
    04-08-12 08:38 AM
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    I have had my pb since launch. I was noticing how there seems to be a rash of "it dont work when", or "why doesn't it do this", or "there's not enough of that". I know of the shortcomings of the PB, I also know of the shortcomings of All the major tablets.. They all have issues.

    It's what works for you. Please, research. Personally, i love the samsung tab 10, but for the little things it does better than the pb, the price has never justified the switch. Not to mention the extra data usage. The ipad just wont seem to sync with me, not its fault, it is my problem.

    Whenever i crash an app, or seem to have problems, I can easily see what I did. I am usually trying to do too many (read more than 10) things. No wonder the pb has a brain fart. I have come to expect to be able to do anything I want whenever I want. Another problem for me to come to terms with.


    Try to stay happy, if not........dont

    Hi There!
    I agree with you. There is nothing perfect. If there are advantages then there are disadvantages also for everything.
    I have my PlayBook (16, 32GB) from last 10 months. New one 64GB I bought in Jan 2012. I use them a lot, I was used to carry my Macbook Pro to my work but now I use it only at home and hardly as I use My PB most now. I have installed more than 200 apps in it and I never had a crash problem with most of those apps (there are even sideloaded apps too). As I remeber I would have hardly 10 times crash problem with all apps in last 10 months. And according to me, its better than normal performance. So who are complaining about crashes n flash, I dont know how do they use their PBs?
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    04-08-12 09:17 AM
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    I see all points..(not that I agree with most). All in all, let's hope RIM knows what it's doing. I'm giving them a chance with the Playbook. After this product life cycle, if they haven't impressed me (based on how I use the tablet) I'll easily go to another one (iOS, Windows, Apple). That's the beauty of capitalism/competition/choice.
    04-08-12 10:28 AM
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    Hi there!

    First off, I want to say that this post is not a troll of any sort.

    However, I do want to articulate my disappointment at he state of apps on the Playbook. I bought a 64GB wifi model last week for a reasonable price and I like the hardware and the PB OS2.0, despite the many annoying bugs it has.

    But what is killing any enthusiasm for the device I have is the state of the AppWorld store. I checked out some of the free apps in order to get a feel for the general quality of the offerings there. Pretty well all of them have some issue or another (crashes, broken or missing functionality, or otherwise just plain crap) and this does not give me confidence to start paying for apps.

    The pay apps are stupidly priced as well. On the Apple IOS app store they are much more reasonably priced, and better quality too (on the whole). I cannot understand why RIM would not exercise some quality control on AppWorld - it is a no-brainer that the device is only part of the experience; if the app ecosystem is shoddy it will taint both RIM and the PlayBook. I mean, who will buy them, even at the keen price they are on offer for today, if the Apps are rubbish and expensive, and the built in apps have so many deficiencies? They seem to have gone for quantity over quality, and this will not do them any good in the long run (as we can see, with their wel documented ever decreasing market share).

    Then there are the Android ported apps, which don't have a consistent look and feel, and often don't work properly because (I suspect) the Android app player hidden behind the scenes is not a perfect emulation.

    I have looked and looked for two apps in particular: A file explorer with built in FTP and network file connectivity, and a video player capable of dealing with MPEG-2 transport streams (.ts files) that the Humax Freeview PVR generates (in the UK, the digital TV transmissions are all TS). It is a pity the inbuilt player doesn't support this format.

    I did find a lovely app called Open Explorer which seems to offer the file functionality but it is so full of bugs I have not yet been able to copy a single file - either that, or the PlayBook's permissions are all setup wrong (maybe I need to be root - come on DingleBerry 4.0!). To be fair to the developer, he does say it's a beta, but even so it ought to be able to handle the basics.

    That said, there is no video player that does what I want (I have sideloaded MVideoPlaer but have yet to get a .ts file onto the PB to try it out).

    Speaking of sideloading Android apps, that, too is fraught with frustration. It's easy enough to do using the instructions here, (providing you can find a working download link!) but again, the variable quality of the apps is a big problem, and many of them will just crash or not work properly. I suspect it is the Android Player in OS 2.0 that is the underlying cause in most cases - they can't all be crap.

    Two other points about the PB that bug me. One is that all web traffic has to go through RIM's servers (correct me if I'm wrong, please!). Why do they do this? I ought to be able to access a web site without the extra delay involved with going through a commercial proxy, and what are they doing with the records of the sites I visit? The privacy aspect concerns me greatly.

    The other point pertains to the locked down boot loader. I had hoped that I could hack an Android implementation onto it, if I found OS 2.0 to be not up to scratch. But RIM have buggered that too, by trying to ape Apple and locking it down.

    Meanwhile, I read lots of stuff on this forum from PB users who seem to be having a great time (these are the guys that jump down the throats of anyone that complains) and I wonder if I am missing something. Any of you enthusiasts that care to advise me are welcome to do so on this thread. I'm up for a grown up conversation on the subject, but not inviting a flame war.


    I do not agree with most of your points and I would be hard press to sell pb

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    3. Android Player.
    Yes, let's face it, it's buggy and prone to crashes. The latest fun and games is having the BBC iPlayer running, crashing, then close the app, try to launch another Android ported app (in this case a Chess program), what happens? I see the locked up iPlayer and cannot launch the chess app. This has never happened to me on any other platform with the possible exception of the 02 Joggler, and that was recoverable without a reboot. This is inexcusable.
    no offence, but i cant understand the point of using a converted (and not by the dev) app which may/may not work, when i simply use the iplayer website. iplayer is flash website so your playbook wont have any issues at all. i get the need for apps, but when the websites already there with quite a decent UI? seems a waste of staorage space.

    with that said, your experience of sideloading an app which hasnt been converted and tested properly shows the reason/justification for http://crackberry.com/future-blackbe...such-bad-thing
    04-08-12 08:13 PM
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