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    With the release of PaintBook, and there being many similar apps, I'm wanting to get a cheap stylus to use every now and then just to jot something down quick, but with a bit more precision than my finger.

    Has anyone used anything similar to these? If so, do they work at all? I know they are cheap and basic, but that's why I'm willing to try it; cheap and only used every now and then.

    3.5mm Plug Capacitive ( Black Mini Stylus ) Touch Pen For Blackberry PlayBook | eBay

    03-22-12 11:40 PM
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    I've tried a few different styli. Not these exact models, but all styli for capacitive screens are similar. While they do work, they require a bit too much pressure for writing/drawing to be comfortable, at least for me.

    The screen of most tablets, including the PlayBook, requires a fairly big contact "patch" to register a touch. Pushing the rubber down flattens the tip to increase the size of the touch.

    Go to your local supplies store and try a few. Any capacitive (Android/iPad) stylus will work. Styli for USB tablets (e.g. Wacom Intuos designer tablets) will not work.
    03-23-12 02:50 AM
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    I recently ordered one of these Dagi stylii from eBay:

    iPad stylus,iPhone stylus, DAGi transparent accurate capacitive stylus, 精準電容觸控筆 -- 手機型號

    I use it with FreeNote (which you have to side-load. Get it here: Blackberry Playbook Android Apps | Good e-Reader Android App Store - Playbook App Store - We support Kobo Vox, Kindle Fire, Blackberry Playbook and More) to take notes during meetings & seminars.

    I just downloaded PaintBook and it looks really good as a drawing app.

    My killer app for note-taking would be a native app with the handwriting-->shrinking functionality of FreeNote, an better UI, and PDF import/export capabilities (for document mark-up)... Jotsy might develop into this app, but right now it is not ready for prime time, and has not handwriting capabilities at all.
    03-23-12 03:15 AM
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    I'm using a similar stylus to the one above, the adonit jot pro. It is well weighted and works well for writing and simple drawing. I'm no artist so I can't really comment on that aspect. It serves it's purpose well for my simple drawing needs. I tis also far superior to the ones which you have linked to on ebay. I was using a targus stylus of similar design to those and it was awful. The large rubber tip makes writing a nightmare. The advantage to the dagi from what I can see is that it allows a sharper angle for writing which may be more natural. No matter what they all seem to require more pressure than actual writing so it can be fatiguing. The adonit/dagi style stylus is recommended though.

    As far as apps, for simple drawing I use skit and for notes I use and android app called handwrite. They both have the ability to export to pdf and the handwrite app shrinks down the text so you have more space to write on one page.


    I've done a bit of messing around with freenote and it appears to do everything skit/handrite does. I'm always a fan of more functionality in one application rather than 5 separate apps to fill my needs. It picks up the stylus well and has a lot of options for customization. More than both of those apps combined it appears. I didn't see it but being able to export to pdf would be great and I noticed it is something that is being worked on. So hopefully we get an updated bar file with those features or they port it over themselves.
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    03-23-12 08:15 AM
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    I got an acase stylus because the acase case I bought is excellent.
    It works GREAT on my NookColor. The Playbook screen requires a tad more pressure than is confortable, and after putting a screen protector on it's not very useful at all for the Playbook.
    I wish there was a way to increase screen sensitivity.
    03-23-12 10:55 AM
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    I have a Amazon.com: Targus Stylus for Apple iPad, iPad 2, new iPad (3rd Generation), 16GB, 32GB, 64GB WiFi + 4G, iPhone, iPod, Tablet AMM01US (Black): Electronics and I am happy with the results. I can't say I can write on my PlayBook as it I were writing on paper, but I can write on my PlayBook now.

    EDIT: Me wants an Accu Pen...
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    03-23-12 11:53 AM
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    The only real difference in these stylists is the size of the rubber balloon on the tip as far as the contact point goes.. If your wanting to doodle there fine but if your wanting to take notes your much better off typing it out "imo" grab one at any electronic store pretty much you can grab one for $10 or so and it will give you a good idea on how practical they are for what you Wana do with it
    They are nice in colder weather or if your hands are dirty/wet it will let you do anything you would Wana do with a finger
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    03-23-12 05:22 PM
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    I purchased a Griffin Stylus last summer hoping to use it to write notes on the PlayBook. As others mentioned it's pretty terrible for writing on the playbook but it works pretty well for Sketch with Friends and other drawing apps.
    03-23-12 05:57 PM