1. vibhanshu_chaudhary's Avatar
    Which is best........vault or password wallet pro.........
    04-16-12 08:33 AM
  2. Bash_Man's Avatar
    Which is best........vault or password wallet pro.........
    I've never tried password Wallet, so I cant comment on it.

    But I have vault on my PB and its great. Love the backup to Dropbox feature on it. its very stable and straight forward for use.

    The only other way I am holding out for is SplashID. They have a version for the BlackBerry handhelds that can sync with their Desktop version (Win/Mac). and they did confirm for me last time I contacted them the the PB version would also have that feature.
    04-16-12 08:48 AM
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    Selected As A Best Adobe AIR(R) Application in Adobe(R) Flash(R) Platform Summit Developer Challenge this year.
    For more details please click the bellow links:
    From the Hindu news paper:
    RIM announces winners of best Flash/AIR mobile app - CIOL News Reports

    Just pay $1.99 , you will get BlackBerry(R) PlayBook version as well as smart phone version of Password Wallet app.

    And you can also sync data using backup files.

    For more details please click bellow link

    Vault not supporting BlackBerry(R) smart phone version.

    Get Idea Organizer app for PlayBook(TM) and its free for limited time, so hurry up to grab the app:

    So you will have a chance to check their quality.
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    04-16-12 10:29 AM
  4. chaddeus's Avatar
    Any significant improvement over Blackberry Wallet?

    - Charles
    04-16-12 10:29 PM