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    I've just bought Vault Password Manager so I have created the export file in XML, copied into 'Documents' onto my Playbook, from my PC. I've opened Vault, done the Unlock Pattern procedure and the app opens into the window where the panel on the left has Websites, Banking, Credit Cards, Email, Other. The right panel is black and the centre panel, which is white just says 'No Data Found'

    So, I've opened Settings, scrolled down and tapped on Import Data. I get a white, fairly square, window, headed 'Loading XML files ... ' with the circle thingy whirring round, suggesting it's doing something BUT it doesn't seem to progress from there, just keeps whirring round for ages - I've left it for about 15 mins and still the same. Surely, the file loads quicker than this?

    I checked the file in the Documents folder and noticed it was named as Julie Gen.kdb.xml so decided to try Julie Genkdb.xml but still no go. Then, tried JulieGen.kdb.xml, then JulieGenkdb.xml. I've run out of ideas now ...

    I do have several categories in KeePass, with sub-folders - would that be the problem? Only I've read that Vault can deal with all that.

    Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong, please? I'm obviously not doing something right

    Thanks for any help

    GB (aka J )
    12-09-12 04:38 AM
  2. Herve5's Avatar
    Don't know Vault, but you could use the free and open-source KPD app, which is a port of KeePass coming from Android...
    12-10-12 08:31 AM

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