1. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    Does anyone use the playbook for remote desktop purposes, specifically for running POS software (specifically Jonas)? I currently use 2 ipads (1st gen) running remote desktop that work great, however the size can be abit bulky to use for servers taking orders. I have tried using a couple different apps that work good, but are very slow compared to the ipad counterparts. Not sure if I should go ahead and wipe my personal one and give it a shot to see if it will speed up the app.

    Any thoughts?
    12-10-12 02:45 PM
  2. karloptimux's Avatar
    I'd give splashtop a shot. But youll need the server app running on your pos.
    12-10-12 03:32 PM
  3. achiquitachaser's Avatar
    thanks but im looking to use the built in remote desktop connection with windows instead of using something like splashtop or like logmein.
    12-10-12 05:45 PM
  4. karloptimux's Avatar

    You can try their htlm5 rdp client, i hear its lightning fast but i never tried it personaly.
    achiquitachaser likes this.
    12-11-12 12:13 AM
  5. dialtone65's Avatar
    I use an RDP ap to log into our company server and run our scheduling software and outlook. For the most part it works quite well.
    12-11-12 06:29 PM
  6. Dim-Ize's Avatar
    There's allot of POS software in App World.
    12-11-12 07:23 PM

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