1. Darlaten's Avatar
    As we get closer to 2.0; I see that there are apps listed on the "what's updated" section that I haven't actually received notification to update yet. Also, I see people comment that some of the Gameloft games and Union games have updates but none of mine have actually received updates yet I haven't receive any update notifications.

    For example, Nova 2 had an update to 2.0 on February 8th yet mine is still at 1.0 and I haven't received a notification to update the app yet.

    So I'm curious (perhaps worried is a better word), should I wait until all the apps update first before updating to 2.0 when it is released? Is there a way to reset the App World on the Playbook, as there is on the phone, so that my playbook sees the update? How long does it take for the updates to cycle their way through?

    Thanks for any advice.
    02-18-12 12:59 PM
  2. peter9477's Avatar
    Just wait for the 2.0 release. I would think you're seeing updates which are marked as requiring 2.0, and since you're not on 2.0 they wouldn't be available for you to install anyway and that's why you don't get notified.

    Once you're on 2.0 you should see notifications and/or the available updates in App World under My World.
    02-18-12 01:20 PM
  3. Darlaten's Avatar
    Thank you. I hadn't thought of it the way you suggested; I thought I needed to update the apps before 2.0 comes out so that they would work; not do 2.0 first, then update the apps.
    02-18-12 02:03 PM