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    This was posted on the dev's Facebook not to long ago:

    Dillo Hills
    I just received an email from an Adobe rep today that said:

    "Im sorry to hear that Dillo Hills was one of the games affected by the AIR 2.7 upgrade, but we are actively working on it."

    They've also offered to get me enrolled in the AIR 3.0 prerelease program, but that doesn't really offer you guys much of anything useful for the time being. ><

    Unfortunately, this bug fix is something that is very much out of our control. I'll be sure to keep you guys informed, though, as I hear more from Adobe. In the mean time, you're always welcome to check out the free-to-play Flash version over at Kongregate:

    Play Dillo Hills, a free online game on Kongregate
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    06-23-11 08:13 PM
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    My favorite game is broken!
    06-28-11 04:26 PM
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    I can still get to level 2! lol
    But ya, it doesn't work properly
    06-28-11 05:01 PM
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    From facebook I asked: Do you have other games or do you plan developing more games for the PlayBook?

    "Dillo Hills For the time being, the primary focus is wrapping up all of our sitelock orders for Dillo Hills, then updating the mobile versions and getting the iOS version rolled out.

    After that, we're absolutely planning on more games, and apart from this latest GPU fiasco, Playbook has been good to us, so we plan to continue developing for it. "
    07-07-11 03:33 PM
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    Adobe Flash 11 (Air 3.0) will come in late August or September --- according to a youtube video in which a Texas Instruments staff was showing TI's Android Netflix app last week.
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    07-07-11 03:39 PM
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    This is the video that TI was saying that Adobe Flash 11 coming in August/September (at about 4:00) --- and about partial GPU acceleration in Flash 10.3.

    07-08-11 01:50 PM