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    Hey everyone! Here's my initial review of UniWar. This is a turn based military strategy game, where the objective is usually to destroy all the enemy units, and capture the enemy bases. It's reminiscent, for those who remember, of the old Military Madness game. There are multiple play modes, including campaign, online, and versus (the computer, or another player on the same PlayBook).

    As is customary of the genre, there are multiple races to choose from, a variety of units (each with their own characteristics, movement, attack power, special abilities), and terrain to consider (providing bonuses and penalties to attack and movement). Opponents take turns building, repairing and moving units, and attacking and capturing bases.

    The graphics are nice, and the gameplay is well adapted to touch screen controls. The game has a nice, solid feel, and it's free! If you're not keen on the real-time component, this is about as good as the genre comes.
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    11-24-12 08:59 AM
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    Thanks for the review. I will check it out.
    11-24-12 09:13 AM
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    Downloading while free - thanks.
    11-24-12 01:43 PM
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    Thanks for the heads-up on this game. It is enjoyable and really well done.
    11-24-12 02:52 PM
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    Thanks OP. Very nicely done. Very much in the style of Great Little War Game or Advanced Wars on the (Game Boy Advance). Have not tried the online portion. Has an easy to use touch interface. Large selection of maps. I think it is $5 on Goog and $1 on iSore. Free currently on PB. Thanks for bringing to PB. If you like Turn Based Strategy you will love this.
    11-25-12 12:41 PM
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    cool game

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    11-26-12 05:20 AM
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    Great game, but it'd come as a surprise if the original developers agreed on releasing it on App World and free.
    There's no mention of it on their site or social channels. One can find a forum post from some time ago by someone having downloaded it from App World, but that version has obviously been deleted from the store afterwards.
    It seems it has been released by one guy like some other Android ports without informing the original devs.
    11-26-12 06:40 AM
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    Thanks for the suggestion I am dl now.
    11-26-12 07:03 AM