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    hello-just a quick question:

    I have AIR browser (v.1.17.10) and I had created subfolders to categorize the videos/pictures taken with the pb's camera (within the camera folder). Anyway, while rearranging/moving around vids, looking through some useless vids and deleting them, i accidentally deleted a whole folder instead of a single vid within that folder. Is there anyway to get those videos back, either through the AIR browser or otherwise? My available space jumped by about 1.5 Gb after the accidental delete within a split second, so not sure if they are really gone or not. {no, the files were not backed up yet, as they were recently shot}

    Help is greatly appreciated!
    08-17-11 08:55 PM
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    I believe that undelete will be hard to do at this time.

    Unfortunately the undelete programs installed on connected PC's do not recognize the pb folders on a drive. Rather they see it as a mapped network device. I tried convar.com pcinspector with no success. Perhaps there is a professional undelete program for connected network devices.
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    08-17-11 09:08 PM