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    Hey, there,
    while I'm waiting for my PlayBook to arrive (Yay!), I would love for someone to give Twinoo LITE a go on theirs and let me know if everything works ok, please!

    Twinoo is a simple game, we made at Dawn of Play and it's already available at App World here:

    BlackBerry App World - Twinoo LITE

    Full description:
    Logic and art come together in this simple and brilliant game.
    Get ready to teach your brain some new stuff!

    * train your brain - both of the hemispheres at the same time!
    * mix colors on the right
    * solve simple math problems on the left
    * use both of your brain hemispheres together to beat the time!

    How to play:
    * Solve simple math equations on the left side and color mixing equations on the right side by tapping on one of the three answers given below each equation.
    * The math includes adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing numbers from 1 to 9.
    * Color mixing works like mixing watercolors or crayons - also see the color wheel (by Johannes Itten) in the Help menu (3rd screenshot)

    Join the 5 million players who already jumped aboard the Twinoo Brain Train!

    May the best brain hemisphere win!


    ps: Twinoo is also available for your browser here:


    .. and on Android and iOS (universal) and is coming soon to another platform near you!

    Dawn of Play
    04-19-11 05:03 AM