1. ny9900's Avatar
    Several days ago, I read a message from redflagdeals.com (quote below) and bought Chinese Live TV. It is a real amazing app for those who knows Chinese or learning Chinese. Today, I got notice that new release 1.1 coming, which providing 14 channels (one Cantonese). Having been use for a week, here are some tips: search more channels by swipe up the channel text, tap to select, pinch to zoom. Allow some time at beginning(less than one minute) for p2p search, it plays pretty stable after that. Better video quality than IPad TV app I bought.

    Hope there will be English channel(s) soon.

    "Just checked the app store and found one for streaming Chinese TV. Bought it on a lark since it was cheap. It works good even on my wireless G router. Amazing that it works at all after being told there wasn't such an app available. Only has 3 channels available but now I can show this to some Chinese friends and find out what they think. Still need to get the HDMI cable for TV hookup but that is something for another day."
    03-13-12 08:57 PM
  2. shampisang's Avatar
    PPTV works great for PlayBook and better still, they are free.
    03-14-12 06:55 PM
  3. kenchang83's Avatar
    PPTV works great for PlayBook and better still, they are free.
    sadly PPTV is slow as sh*t, at least in Australia ,i do hope we have PPS though, not as much shows but very fast and stable, if only there's a way to see US shows from overseas, i will be happy
    03-14-12 11:26 PM
  4. Semperfidmr's Avatar
    How do you get pptv for the playbook?
    03-18-12 10:32 PM