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    So i've downloaded the android app player from day 1 and finally decided to give it a try, after unzippping the sys.android file I can't find the bar file? Im seeing 2 folders :- meta-inf & native but there is no bar file anywhere is there something else i have to do? I can see all the apk files that make up the android app but no bar file. Can some1 please help?
    08-13-11 05:56 PM
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    You must have renamed your sys.android file to be .zip instead of .bar as it is supposed to be. A bar file is nothing more then a zip file with a specific structure, nothing fancy there.

    Anyway, make sure the file is named "sys.android.bar" and then load it using your preferred bar loading method.
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    08-13-11 06:35 PM
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    thanks i had originally download the file onto my bb which resulted in it being converted to winzip some how.
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    08-13-11 07:44 PM