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    My latest game, Tots, is now available in AppWorld.

    Tots at AppWorld

    Children will love to learn the alphabet with Tots - a fun, colorful and stimulating set of games for young children. Four interactive games will teach a child to write letters and numbers, match uppercase letters with their lowercase counterparts and pick out the letters that make up simple three letter words. Tots will turn your PlayBook into an entertaining and educational toy for kids. All games have delightful audio and visual rewards upon success.

    Tots is a collection of 4 games to help children learn the alphabet.

    Drawit allows children to practice the strokes required by both upper and lower letters (numbers too!).

    Whackit is a classic whack-a-mole variation where children try to "whack" a particular letter with a hammer when it pops up on screen.

    Catchit teaches children to recognize letters that make up simple 3-letter words.

    Matchit is a fun exercise in matching uppercase letters with their corresponding lowercase counterparts.

    - Fully animated and easy to use navigation for all ages, completely controlled by touchscreen.

    - 2 themes to choose from: Cute Dinosaurs or Beautiful Flowers (you can change at any time).

    - Delightful background music and sound effects.

    - Onscreen help bubbles (for parents) and swipe down Options menu.

    - 3 levels of onscreen hints for each game - you can turn off the hints as your child gets better!

    - Check out more pictures and videos of Tots in action at Pixel Brain Games.

    Thanks and let me know how your kids like it!

    06-10-11 01:40 PM