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    It seems that lately the vast majority of new apps are books served in an application wrapper. They clogs up the app world "newest" section and it doesn't really feel like they should be considered "apps" in the 1st place. Does anyone else agree with me?

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    11-07-11 08:11 PM
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    You're by no means the first to note it, or to complain, and there are a dozen threads here and elsewhere about it.

    Complain to RIM through whatever channel you happen to stumble over, preferably pointing out things like how it's making it hard for you to find real apps that you'd like to spend money on or, if you're a developer, how you're deliberately holding off releasing things sometimes from fear it will get buried in the mudslide of crap book "apps" and no users will actually purchase it. Or whatever other ideas you can come up with.

    Squeaky wheel will get the grease, eventually, we hope.

    This is a side-effect of RIM removing all costs associated with submitting apps, I suppose, and not having any controls in place to prevent this sort of thing nor, apparently, a desire to do improve the situation. Maybe they really don't see it as a problem?
    11-07-11 08:34 PM
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    There is a discussion on the Blackberry Beta Zone with the product manager for the Playbook complaining about this. While it isn't under his group he said he brought it up with the group that it is under. However with app count being king, and not app quality in todays tech media chamber, I don't know that they'll do much about it. They said that they may try to keep them from showing up in the "New" Section.
    11-07-11 08:37 PM
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    Not showing up as new would definitely help... I haven't had a pb for very long but I do tend to look at the app world stuff regularly and it just seems that in the last week or two things have gotten worse. Anyways, glad I am not alone annoyed.

    11-07-11 09:01 PM
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    Nope definately not alone...started a thread like this myself a month ago and complained.

    If there is a common theme to the corporate world bringing down humanity its cheezee tactics. Shame on the clown who is doing it more shame on RIM for not maintaining a little more integrity...which is not to single out RIM...they all do it.
    11-07-11 09:55 PM
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    RIM is probably letting it go on so they can say they have a bigger number of apps in App World, even though most of us will know it's just books.

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    11-07-11 10:02 PM
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    So the solution would be RIM denying apps that don't appear useful, and to whom? They might not be what you want, but at least there are apps being churned out.
    11-07-11 11:41 PM
  8. peter9477's Avatar
    So the solution would be RIM denying apps that don't appear useful, and to whom? They might not be what you want, but at least there are apps being churned out.
    No, with a bit of imagination one can come up with at least several other creative solutions which don't involve RIM denying apps.

    Implement a "token bucket" or similar filter mechanism so that no single vendor can flood the Newest (or Recently Updated) lists with their stuff in a short time period, which would ensure a reasonable time in those valuable lists for others.

    Create a separate section for "content" apps and other "bulk" apps where the same app is cloned with identical code but different bundled content.

    Create a separate section solely for e-books.

    Disallow stuff packaged this way, requiring the vendor to use the in-app payment mechanism.

    I could think of others, but until enough people complain to RIM and make them pay attention to the fact that many people on both sides of the equation don't like this, my suggestions won't matter much.

    But having RIM deny apps is clearly not the only solution possible, nor even one that most people would likely think was right.
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    11-08-11 08:17 AM
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    The thing that frustrates me is the $0.99 books are all 'public domain' novels that you can download FOR FREE using the KOBO app.
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    11-08-11 10:36 AM
  10. mandony's Avatar
    I believe the problem is not that there are many book apps but rather how they are filtered into appWorld

    My suggestion:
    1) the 'books' should not be considered in the 'newest' file list
    2) 'books' should have a separate section much like the 'games' are separated from 'apps' in the main directory.

    There is nothing wrong for anyone to enter a public domain book in the system. They can charge whatever they want for the public's convenience. Perhaps the paid copy is better quality then the free copy.

    I have downloaded free ePub and pdf books from archive.org (the master directory for on-line freeware libraries). Some of the copies are good and others jam when loading.

    Let the buyer beware.
    11-08-11 04:07 PM
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    Not having a PlayBook, leaves me at a disadvantage knowing how App World is set up for them. Appears they need to do something, but any move that discourages app development would concern me.
    11-10-11 10:16 AM