1. gary987's Avatar
    I decided today to see what Netflix had to say about supporting the Playbook

    ---chat start----

    Netflix Customer Service

    You are now chatting with: Tyler

    Tyler: Hey there this is Tyler

    Tyler: How can i help you out this evening?

    Me: Tyler, when will there be support for the playbook?

    Tyler: I am not to sure what you are talking about, but I am sure we can get to the bottom of this! Who am I chatting with this evening?

    Me: Gary

    Tyler: Nice to chat with you Gary!

    Tyler: So is your Playbook a tablet?

    Me: yes (what else would it be?)

    Tyler: okay gotcha, and you would like to know when Playbook will have an app that supports Netflix?

    Gary: I want to know when Netflix will provide an app to run Netflix on the Playbook, yes.

    Tyler: That is totally up to Playbook to create an app that supports Netflix, Netflix actually does not create the app, just as Wii creates there app and Ps3, so as soon as Playbook gets on board with us then there will be an app there for you my friend! (So who's lying here? Rim or Netflix)

    I continued to grill him on Linux....

    Me: I have embedded Linux devices which stream Netflix no problem, so how are these devices compatable, while traditional Linux (noembedded) devices are not.

    Tyler:That is a great question, I am not to sure, Linux has stated that they will not be using Silverlight which is needed to stream Netflix. (Linux has stated? What does that even mean?)

    I questioned him more, then he suggested it was Microsofts fault...I proceeded to question him why the Android tablet worked while traditional linux would not.. and he told me to ask the makers of Android as he didn't know.

    Netflix help desk thinks it everyone else's fault, or just dosen't know (The only reason you can't watch Netflix on your Fridge is because LG hasn't written an app for it yet.)

    This chat was just done just on a whim, but I will and encourage others to grill Netflix (Rim for that matter too) on what's the real deal here, and to let them know we aren't going away empty handed. (
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    10-20-12 06:29 PM
  2. throughtheblack's Avatar
    For interest sake, if you go to Google Play and look up the Netflix app, it says it is published by "Netflix Inc." So it would appear that Netflix at least made that app.
    10-20-12 06:54 PM
  3. mikeo007's Avatar
    Do you realize how little technical support reps actually know about products? They follow a script, especially the online ones.
    10-20-12 07:01 PM
  4. GreyGhostRos's Avatar
    Many a tikes these companies just use call centers for customer service.. where the staff is well not very uptodate about details..
    10-20-12 11:13 PM
  5. VanCity778's Avatar
    This conversation never happened.
    10-20-12 11:36 PM
  6. Bravo-_-'s Avatar
    I just read that post from gary987,

    Anyway,it got me thinking. in the UK there is no video Store on the playbook, just music. But in the US and Canada you got music and video store. So my point is if netflix or RIM made the app, ant rim going to lose out to netflix when customer not buying films from rim? but instead streaming the films they are trying to sell from netflix.! Wouldn't that be bad for business?

    I personally think rim is playing it smart, and rim bb10 will have their own video store streaming app.
    They will call it R.I.M
    Research Innovation Movie
    Research Inspiration Movie
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    10-21-12 05:09 AM
  7. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    Tyler is some kid. He doesnt know up from down it seems.
    10-21-12 11:30 AM
  8. king benny's Avatar
    Should have left the kid alone. I don't think anyone should be calling the netflix help desk to grill them on playbook support. This is 1st tier support - they are not going to know the answers you seek. Instead you're just making someone's life difficult for no reason.
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    10-21-12 11:36 AM

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