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    Todays Alarm Clock, a free App for Playbook just did an update. Its a full festured alarm with snooze, radio / radio alarm option, local weather, which can speak to you too!

    You can also set a background using your own personal pictures.

    I say try it for a week and if you find it useful, they accept a donation.

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    01-11-12 06:45 AM
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    It's a great FREE app and the updates are just what many of us where looking for.
    Great job Turner Teknologies!


    fwiw, it has the option to select my own background pic but it doesn't work for me
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    01-11-12 10:49 AM
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    would love to see them add a timer for auto off for the radio. i like listening to radio at night but this would play all night if i fell asleep.

    having the option to set the radio to stop and then close after a preset time would finish this app off for me.
    01-11-12 07:10 PM
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    I've just sent a feedback to TurnerTek about Today's Alarm Clock (and Today's Alarm Clock Pro) about not being able to add my own internet radio stream playlist files (.pls) that are used my many streaming services, Music.CBC.ca for example. I was able to dig into a pls file from CBC by playing it on my iMac and selecting "Info" -- that shows the actual MP3 URL within the pls file, but it is complicated and can't be done easily from the Playbook itself.
    04-10-12 05:09 PM
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    I purchased a 16GB Playbook and docking station to use it as a Radio Alarm clock while it is charging overnight. Then I tried to find an Alarm app that would work. Today's Alarm Clock (free version) and Today's Alarm Clock Pro ($.99) look very promising, but i tested the free version a month ago using my own MP3 stream (not Iceberg). Unfortunately on the very first test the alarm failed to sound because there was a hiccup on my wifi I think. When the alarm time came, I believe OS2 popped up an error message and T.A.C. did not sound the stream or any other sound.

    Maybe the OS does not let the app continue to run if there is any kind of error, but perhaps this can be overcome. I have an older Internet Radio that sounds a backup buzzer sound if there is ever a problem with a stream being dead or a wifi glitch. The app should be able to wake me up no matter what, but needs additional function to do so.
    04-10-12 05:16 PM
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    04-10-12 07:09 PM
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    Good review sushistew! I use it everyday, a good free app. Can't beat that.
    04-10-12 07:18 PM
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    here is a updated list of free apps reviewed.

    free apps reviewed here
    04-10-12 10:16 PM