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    The World Of Pootermobile and Intellect Dimensions have teamed up to bring you a useful app for first time BlackBerry PlayBook owners or for those that want helpful tips. There are a few places on the web where you can find tips and tricks about using your BlackBerry PlayBook, but searching through the entire web can be frustrating and daunting. With Tip Of The Day you can either get a helpful tip everyday or simply go through all of the tips provided in the app. This app is very simple to use and looks great with The World Of Pootermobile's mascot Poots giving you the tips! Tip Of The Day is set at a very reasonable price compared to the hassle of looking for some tips online. So grab Tip Of The Day to better your experience with your PlayBook!

    Get Tip Of The Day from the link below

    03-06-12 06:56 PM