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    Is there an app like Lapse It • Home • Time Lapse for Android or has it been converted ? would love to know please ;[[[[
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    05-12-12 11:18 AM
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    I have been looking for a time lapse app for the playbook too - set the PB up while on the charging pod and let it click away. No luck either so far.
    05-12-12 11:50 AM
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    I just searched for "lapse" and found Lapse Master in App World. From the description seems to take the pictures but you have to use another program to make into a video.
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    05-12-12 05:05 PM
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    what the.....I must have spelt something wrong when I searched for something. I'm buying it now and will report back!!

    thanx a bunch

    ok....trying it out - the one review says that you can't make the screen go blank when running but there is "Dark Mode" which does that. Not sure if I'll have time to put a vid together anytime soon but I'll leave it running for awhile.
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    05-12-12 08:16 PM
  5. Innovatology's Avatar
    I've built a prototype timelapse app on the PlayBook with limited success. To be effective, the app needs to be able to lock the white balance, exposure and focus settings of the camera. Otherwise the resulting video will be all over the place.

    Currently, the PB has no mechanism to lock these settings. A new API has been announced for BB10 and should be coming to PB too. Once available, that should open up a lot of possibilities.
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    05-13-12 05:52 AM
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    I'm recording a 8 hr time period today (1 pic every 10 seconds).

    The app records bmp's @ 2.4 megs/pic.

    Sooo 2.4MB * 6/min * 60min/hr * 8hrs = ~7 gigs of pics (luckily I have a 32GB with 21GB free)
    05-13-12 08:09 AM
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    Found another one that might be worth trying snapee http://appworld.blackberry.com/webst...63643/?lang=en
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    05-13-12 10:23 AM