1. barrenwuffet's Avatar
    I'm a tax lawyer, so I was really excited when Thomson came out with an app for the Income Tax Act. But, then they only released it for iPad! Finally they've come out with a Android version, but I can't find the .bar anywhere to side load it. I'm hoping there is some other tax lawyer out there who is as excited and also techy-enough to actually chase down this app.
    08-16-12 07:13 PM
  2. barnyr's Avatar
    I am able to access the full RIA Checkpoint (Thomson Reuters) website on my playbook. The experience isn't great, but usable.
    I find CCH's mobile version of intelliconnect is pretty good on my 9900.
    I have also downloaded pdf versions of large documents off these services and copied them to the playbook for offline reading.
    08-18-12 11:45 AM