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    There is a standard Playbook file browser that apps can use. It displays files in a flat list (no folder structures), and has file-type shortcuts at the top: Pictures, Video, Music, and Documents. When you select "Documents", the file browser displays all document-type files in an alphabetical flat list. I hope I've described this adequately.

    I'm using an app that uses this file browser to open files. When I look at the contents of my Documents folder, I see a couple of files I would like to delete. However, I can't do this here.

    I go to Air Browser with the intention of locating these files and deleting them, but I don't see them.

    This could mean the files are hidden from Air Browser, or the Playbook file browser is looking somewhere outside of the Documents directory. I'm not sure, and this is very confusing. Might someone be able to shed some light on whether there are hidden files in /Documents, whether Air Browser will miss content, or how exactly the standard Playbook OS file browser works?
    04-04-12 10:34 AM
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    The app that PB uses natively, and the one you describe using, is "File Manager". File Manager sees and lists all docs on your playbook, not just the documents in your "Documents" Folder. "Air Browser", on the other hand only shows you the documents in your Documents folder. So, as to your question, no, there are not hidden documents in the documents folder- the docs you see in File Manager but not in Air Browser are located in another folder somewhere. You should be able to delete files from within File Manager- press the Pen (edit) icon at the top right of the app, then press the trashcan next to the files you want to delete. There is a free native app called "Search" that will let you search for the files you can't see in Air and will tell you what folder these docs are located in.
    edit- OK, I just noticed that the file browser that opens by default that you mentioned is not exactly "File Manager", though it looks the same and finds the same files as "File Manager". The main difference is that this file browser does not let you delete files. The "File Manager" that does is available in app world (note that there are 2 apps called File Manager in App World- I'm talking about the free one). This app will allow you to delete files as stated above.
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    04-04-12 12:23 PM
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    What app are you using that opens file manager? I've tried Adobe Reader and Docs to Go and both open file manager when I hit Browse, where I can click the edit pen and delete if needed (in File Manager). I can still find any of the files in Air Browser, just not necessarily in the Documents folder.
    04-04-12 03:40 PM
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    Each app has its own "private" folder that is only accessible from that app. If the app stores a file in there, it will be visible from that app in an Open File dialog, but not from any file manager.
    04-04-12 05:07 PM
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    The Adobe app will allow you to delete files, but it will only show PDF files. The apps I'm talking about are, e.g., Messages, when you try to add an attachment to an email, and the native Box app, when you click on upload. Both of these apps will show all media and document files but neither will let you delete files. I'm calling the file browser that these apps open "File Manager" because, except for the no delete option, they look exactly like the standalone "File Manager" app and show the same files.
    04-04-12 05:22 PM
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    As mentioned by others, once I realized how the file browser populates the Documents list, I was able to use Air Browser to locate the "extra" files (most of which were under an Android directory) and delete them. Now the list in the file manager's document section is nice and tidy.

    I'm really new to BB, Playbook, and BB OS, so I really appreciate the answers.

    I'd like to clear up something though. Just so there's no misunderstanding, this is what I'm referring to as the file browser:

    What app are you using that opens file manager?
    I got a new text editor from App World called WriterRoom, and when you open a file, it calls this file browser. Now, I've searched on App World for "file manager" and the two apps that have that exact name (one paid, one free):
    File Manager #1
    File Manager #2

    The thing is, neither one looks like the file browser I'm referring to. However, the paid version has a pen icon in the upper-right corner of the UI, that I think pacoman03 was describing. Was there a misunderstanding?
    04-05-12 01:44 PM