1. Kojjax's Avatar
    I'm not sure where exactly to post this so forgive me if this is wrong place or the wrong way to go about it. I love my sports games and the golf game for the playbook is fun but I would kill for homerun battle 3d for my playbook. I found a site where I can download the apk file but I have no idea how to do this so I am asking for someones help please converting this so it plays on the playbook. The link for it is

    Homerun Battle 3d v 1.4.8
    02-15-12 08:14 PM
  2. zethaaron's Avatar
    Checked and it's not compatible. I did however, convert it anyway so you can try and see, there's a very off chance it will have some sort of functionality, I'll probably test and let you know myself in a little while.

    G00011_Homerun Bettle 3D v1.4.8.bar
    02-15-12 11:56 PM
  3. zethaaron's Avatar
    Just tested, crashes on start.
    02-16-12 12:03 AM
  4. Kojjax's Avatar
    Thanks much anyways, I appreciate the attempt
    02-16-12 06:58 AM