1. willcookson's Avatar
    It's quite interesting to see the apps library grow and to see what is new. i agree with those that get a bit fed up with yet more ebooks treated as a separate item. But this afternoon, it was too much. So many GPS maps for different countries, all treated as separate apps. So many in fact that they take the vast majority of top 25 of the latest apps.

    RIM have got to do something about it. Be able to see the apps in last day or week or similar rather than top 25. Or some other way of seeing new content and scrolling through the, for me, dross (no doubt someone elses gold).

    RIM are you trying just to get any old thing on and treat it only as a marketing game or can you help your customers???

    i love my playbook but this is ridiculous.

    Sorry, rant over.
    02-03-12 11:08 AM
  2. peter9477's Avatar
    It's a rant that needs to be ranted, repeatedly.

    The only answer I've heard so far is along the lines of "there's nothing we can do about it". I think that was a cop-out but, fortunately, I've also heard (unofficially) a "we're looking into it".

    The lack of action is pretty sad though... we've made numerous suggestions about how to fix this in ways that would still provide a level playing field, without RIM having to take a role that could open them up to charges of favouritism.

    If they're actively working on resolutions to this they sure haven't mentioned a timeline.
    02-03-12 12:13 PM
  3. drummer_god's Avatar
    also, those one-off episodes of old cartoons; superman, popeye, etc circa 1940.
    why are they in app world? like the guy uploading them owns the rights to the episodes and charge $.99/per episode ( not that i think anyones really buying them ).

    i think it's embarrasing to see them in app world.
    02-03-12 12:17 PM
  4. PanaSama's Avatar
    An infinite newest apps list is most needed, even without the junk apps if the PB starts to get momentum this could be a real problem for the developers, or maybe RIM doesnt think that they can get more than 25 apps a day?
    02-03-12 12:48 PM
  5. roox's Avatar
    The books, maps and old telly episodes are driving me nuts as well. Must be a way for RIM to implement a filter, if there was a tag attached to each app, you could select a filter to dispose of anything like those in the "new" or "top 25" lists.
    02-03-12 01:01 PM
  6. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    I am expecting to see dumpsters full of more garbage apps rolling in now that they are giving away free playbooks to Android devs that port before the NEW deadline.
    02-03-12 01:15 PM
  7. chi-town311's Avatar
    Why don't they just allow you to look at more than 25 apps in any given category? On the internet you can do it. Why not in Appworld on the device???

    Someone suggested this before, and I have been doing it ever since, but there is a way to get an RSS feed of new apps for the playbook. You just have to go the BlackBerry AppWorld website and find the RSS address. That way I will never miss a new app. Of course, right now it only shows the new apps for the official OS, but I am using the 2.0 beta. I think there is a separate list of new apps for 2.0.
    02-03-12 01:33 PM
  8. cfx_will's Avatar
    is it possible to revamp the structure of appworld? i think the model so far, isn't very efficient in bringing out the best of the apps. that purple-ish background is getting quite mundane after a while as well.
    02-03-12 01:46 PM
  9. missing_K-W's Avatar
    1)- Get rid of the Air interface and bring the native interface to App World asap!!!!!

    2)- Create a dahm eBook section.....!!!!!!

    Has anyone on the forum sought insight as too what RIM's plans are for App World? Maybe Kevin has some inside info
    02-03-12 01:47 PM
  10. yourpoison's Avatar
    I also noticed all of those gps map apps in app world today.

    On a side note, I went into the maps & navigation category to look for a specifac country. If you go in there you notice that the company(skylab mobilesystems ltd.) that released all those gps apps today has a LOT of 5 star ratings for their map apps. When you click on them its the same name that reviewed all of them "patrickkkk." Any of them that was reviewed by two ppl usually the other person gave it 1 star. So, buyer beware!!!
    02-03-12 02:40 PM
  11. Fenrir26's Avatar
    Every app store gets these garbage or spam apps. Its the nature of the beast.
    02-03-12 02:57 PM
  12. Michel Souris's Avatar
    You don't see them in Android or IOS.
    02-03-12 03:10 PM
  13. kingofthenerds's Avatar
    You don't see them in Android or IOS.
    Maybe not anymore but I remember the early days of the iOS app store it had exactly the same problem, nothing but ebooks, flashlights and fart apps, it took them a while to figure out how to restructure things to avoid that problem. Hopefully RIM will get there in time too, once the Android player apps start showing up having an opening page that displays the 25 newest apps will be stoopid when there may be hundreds of new apps published some days.
    02-03-12 03:19 PM
  14. glamrlama's Avatar
    +1000000 to the OP

    and RIM if you want to sell apps ... Wait I'll say it louder!


    Here is a protip. People know how to search/sort. How about something like "new <25 days -books" leave the rest as is for all we care but at least let us have some ability to properly search what you have. At the current rate of app introductions I am certain that it can NOT be overly difficult to assign properties to every submitted app. Here are some search criteria/properties we would like to see searchable "-company name "-ebook "-map etc. You are like 99% there. Even just showing me new in the many subcategories would be a drastic improvement. I'm certain a co-op student from a nearby school could help with this.
    02-03-12 06:31 PM
  15. Jeovex's Avatar
    ung...totally agree, app world needs to be fixed...

    compartamentalize and give us search options
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    02-03-12 06:49 PM
  16. funkysquid's Avatar
    I agree. I often find myself wishing I could just filter out the apps released by Handster so I could see some decent apps on the front page.
    Also great idea Glamrlama, showing new for categories and sub-categories would be helpful. With the current set up it seems like you're on your own to dig once you leave the main page.
    02-03-12 10:40 PM
  17. BB_Bmore's Avatar
    Well everyone will be relieved to know that it is definitely not going to be a issue when OS2 is released. It seems as if appworld got a make over in the latest developer blog. Looks very promising.

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    02-04-12 02:45 AM
  18. LuayS's Avatar
    1)- Get rid of the Air interface and bring the native interface to App World asap!!!!!

    2)- Create a dahm eBook section.....!!!!!!

    Has anyone on the forum sought insight as too what RIM's plans are for App World? Maybe Kevin has some inside info

    I agree 100% the air interface is what lags the app, it does the same with geereader. NDK all the way, should be a rant.
    02-04-12 02:21 PM