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    I just wanted to say "Thank You" to all the developers out there in the world that are making the Playbook experience what it is today.

    As the media, which apparently dictates what device will succeed, has pointed out, there is a lack of applications and games currently available for the Blackberry Playbook. Well, I personally believe they are dead wrong.

    When I launch the "About" screen on my device:
    Applications - 94
    Music - 116
    Videos - 20
    Pictures - 125
    Documents - 21

    I use my device on a daily basis at work and at home. So do my 3 kids. Even my 2yr old loves his game on here.

    Here is a listing of items I have purchased and use -
    ScratchPad - Tic Tac Toe! - Piano - RobinHood - Scrapbook - ScribblePaint - Dillo Hills - Poynt - Wet Paint - Pipeline - FML - AIR Browser - Dragon Balls - Memory - Bimmin - GemClix - Air Hockey - The Visitor - PopcornRush - Crackberry - DuckHunt - Gun Blood - Blackjack - Island MiniGolf - BAC Calc - StarCapture - Binary Clock - Sling Golf - Scroodle - Drums Lite - KiddoPlus - Bubble Birds - BrakTrix - PaperPlane - FlipClock - BlackJack (yes i know there are 2) - VEVO - DeadSpace - PrivateEye - Facebook - DungeonJoe - WeatherEye - Connection - Alice - Bluebox - QFolio - Citrix REceiver - Learn to Write - Starfront:Collision - Samurai2 - Power Vacuum - LostKomodo - Alphabet Goop - Get Growing - Sign Match - Spot the Difference - Fruit Ninja Slash - Hangman - VCMS - BattleFroggin - Madden 12 - ScoreMobile

    I support everyone from EA, to Gameloft, to Unity, to the small guy. I come here to Crackberry and read the reviews, check the forums, read user comments which makes for a better end-user experience.

    Next on my horizon is Machinarium if I can stop playing Madden for a while.....

    BTW - I am still running 1.0.7 on my device. I have chosen not to upgrade to 2.0 for personal reasons, but mainly because I am giving the DEVELOPERS time to use the DEVELOPER build to correct their games/apps to work flawlessly. I don't want to hinder my experience. There really is no benefit to upgrading to 2.0 until its ready. But thats justs me.

    Again, THANK YOU DEVELOPERS for all your hard work and dedication to this device. I look forward to supporting many more of you in the future.

    -Happy Playbook Owner since LAUNCH
    11-23-11 07:39 AM
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    You have a lot of good apps. I grab anything I see that is free to try out. As such, I found the "About" counter on my PlayBook won't go above 157 Applications even though I have well over 200 icons on the "All" tab.
    11-23-11 10:39 AM
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    I'm not going nuts on collecting apps, but I truly appreciate the work the developers are doing to make the Playbook an increasingly valuable, and fun, platform.

    Take a bow, guys and gals! [now get your noses back to the grindstone ].
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    11-23-11 12:24 PM
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    Thanks lcfut, nice to see our work appreciated, even though you dont mention our app ;-)
    11-23-11 03:41 PM
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    Thanks lcfut for acknowledging the effort we put in. The BlackBerry community has been very supportive and developer friendly all the way. We traditionally have been developing apps only for iPhone and iPad and we had our fair share of reservation getting on to the Playbook. But ever since we got started here, there was no reason to look back.

    Most important of all, people on this platform are very professional and diplomatic even if they have a critical comment - which is very hard to find in other platforms. They understand that it take time and money to develop a good app and are supportive of that. More to it, we get instant and frank feedback from the users which has helped us a great deal with planning for updates.

    We take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been a pillar of support for us and the whole developer community. You guys are awesome!
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    11-23-11 07:05 PM
  6. KermEd's Avatar
    I don't see some of mine in your list, but I don't mind. Its nice to see how many people support devs. So, in short, you are absolutely welcome.
    11-23-11 08:30 PM