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    Talking Alarm Text Clock Demo (Free) and Talking Alarm Text Clock Pro ($0.99) have been updated to fix the swipeDown menu issue that appeared after the latest upgrade of Playbook OS v2.1. If you have this app installed, please update to fix this issue. It should show up automatically in your Playbook updates notifications. If you haven't downloaded this app yet, give it a try. This app is also coming for Blackberry 10! Woo-hoo! Here is the BB10 App link! Click below for Playbook versions.

    The app can be used as a night-stand alarm clock while the Playbook is charging. It keeps your Playbook screen ON as long as it is in the foreground (same on Blackberry 10), and you can change the colors. The colors can be completely customized. I prefer red text during the night, for that "submarine infrared" look. or you can make it blue for that ultra-modern cool look. Millions of color combinations are possible and there are presets. A quick tap of the screen, even from bed with your eyes closed, and it will tell you the time.

    During the day at work it can provide hourly time announcement reminders (this can also be customized). The display can be hooked up to HDMI out and presented on a large-screen TV, so for retail installations or in mall informational displays it makes a nice screen-saver and conversational time-piece.

    Here's a link:

    Talking Alarm Text Clock Demo

    Talking Alarm Text Clock Pro

    Thank you.
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