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    Following the spirit of CrackBerry Kevin's focus on BB10, I am pleased to announce that Sucroid.com will kickstart the BB10 Appy Days campaign tomorrow, June 10, 2012. (All dates PDT.)

    Starting June 10, 2012, we will start counting the number of downloads of each PlayBook app listed at Sucroid.com until the official launch of BlackBerry 10. Any app that receives a download count of BB10 (as a hexadecimal, 47888 in decimal) or more between June 10, 2012 and the launch day of BlackBerry 10 (inclusive) will be open sourced on GitHub as a celebration! This will be a win for us and a win for the developers community.

    If you are a developer as well, I would like to invite you to join this campaign with your apps by replying to this thread.

    So if you haven't downloaded any of these apps, I encourage you to start downloading tomorrow (today's downloads don't count). But if you have already downloaded them, spread the word by tweeting, face-booking, liking this thread, writing reviews on App World etc.

    Appy Apping! (Whatever that means. )
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    06-09-12 03:06 AM
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    The BB10 Appy Days campaign by Sucroid.com kicks off TODAY!

    Our mission is to build useful apps not found in the mainstream for all ages with uncompromising features because we believe even children are capable of handling complexities as long as the UI doesn't get in the way. All our apps are native and are BB10 ready. (They run perfectly on the Dev Alpha.)

    Here is a run-down of the list of our apps:

    Deeee ($1.99) and Deeee Classic (FREE!)
    Deeee Classic is a simple frequency sweeper. You can use it to give your hearing and audio speakers a quick check. If you're over 25 with normal hearing, you should be able to hear up to 15kHz. As you age, the number goes down. The app certainly doesn't replace your audiologist's equipment but it is very handy. You can use it for fun to mimic the sound of R2D2 from Star Wars just be sweeping around. Deeee Classic will remain free until the end of App World.

    Deeee is a dual frequency sweeper with support for sine wave, saw wave, triangle wave and square wave. The frequencies can be locked in a specific ratio, which can be entered as a decimal or fraction. This is an indispensable tool for science and acoustics lessons for demonstrating difference tone and beats.

    Ding-A-Noying (FREE!)
    This is an advanced timer that can be used for cooking, exam proctoring, interval training, talks (yes, there are apps for monitoring talk lengths other than the one reviewed by CrackBerry). 13 intermediate time points. Count up or count down. Visual bell. 7 saveable settings. Up to 9 repeats. What else can you ask for? (PM us if you can think of more useful features to add.)

    DingTicTic (Currently on sale at $0.99 until launch of OS 2.1)
    Our very first PlayBook app. This is a metronome like no others. With up to 900 ticks per second and 40 ticks per cycle, it allows you to enter complex mixed rhythms and polymeters even at extreme tempo. 4-3-2-5? Triplets + quintuplets in the same bar? No sweat. The interface for entering such complexity is useable even by 5-year-olds. Instantly swap between two settings. Cycle count for ensemble rehearsal. It is arguably the most flexible metronome you can find on BlackBerry AppWorld, iTunes App Store, and Google Play. If you need something more powerful, you'll need a full-blown sequencer. At $0.99, it's a bargain you can't afford to miss.

    DOO-DOo-Doo ($4.99)
    This app is one of the three finalists at the BB10 Jam App Circus in the Native Gaming category, along with KAMI RETRO and Training with Messi. It is a toy synthesizer using additive synthesis. You can change the tone in real-time by manipulating any of the 16 harmonics. With 4-point multitouch and a 3-minute overdubbable recording buffer, even children can create complex musical pieces and save to a wave file for later enjoyment. It supports 8 different historical musical temperaments. This is a music powerhouse at your fingertips. A must-have for teachers, students, and mobile musicians in classical music. [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2ZRqrgl6j8[/YT]

    That's it! Support our mission. Support Open Source. Download these apps and spread the word. BB10 (47888 in decimal) is not a large number.

    What happens if none of these gets that many downloads? We'll make the most popular paid app FREE for BB10 when BB10 launches!
    06-10-12 05:51 AM