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    Hi Folks,

    I am just about to release a new app for the Playbook and wanted to reach out to the Crackberry community to help me choose some color presets for displaying text! I have asked all my friends and we are getting a nice bunch of presets going. I only need a few more.

    All you have to do is choose 3 colors that go well together:

    Foreground text color
    Background text color
    Background color

    I have attached a file "picker.zip" which will help you sample your color selections! Just unzip to your computer and open "picker.html" in your browser. It is a simple open source text color picker HTML which I have modified.

    I also need a sexy name for your color-combo... that will be 10 letters or less. Examples:


    Can also do...
    MICHALUK BLA1ZE CRACKBERRY (in honor of the folks here)

    Thank you all folks! Just post your hot color combinations here in this thread along with your sexy color combo name (please 10 characters or less, no spaces!).


    BackText: #9b2caa

    I will check on these posts and look forward to putting some of your suggestions in the app! Thanks so much for any help.
    04-26-12 05:01 PM
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    ... Just some additional comments ...

    For any WebWorks Crackheads like myself out there, wanted to mention that my app is entirely built in Webworks, and I am using portions of that uploaded "picker.zip" to allow custom color controls in my app. So if any Webworks developers are reading this thread, please go ahead and download and hack that code to your heart's content!

    Use the attached "picker.zip" in your app to add custom color picking. There are a bunch of MIT/GPL licensed snippets and plugins for JQuery out there that can really make your Webworks app jump out and look amazing. This particular example uses Farbtastic but there are a number if you google JQuery color selector/picker or whatever.

    We should really start a separate thread for WebWorks developers. It is so awesome to be able to use some basic web/javascript skills as a platform to JUMP into full-force WebWorks development. The JQueryUI makes creating your interface a breeze, and there are so many web-snippets and Javascript coding/examples that you can almost create your app just by patching bits of freely public-domain available code together! A few months ago I never thought I would be developing apps for the Playbook but this is cool...
    04-26-12 11:18 PM
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    Checkout my website ! Maybe some color ideas too ? http://jeroen13.host22.com/
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    04-27-12 12:04 AM
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    Ok thanks will do! Meantime if you come up with something I am going to put it into my app. Hoping to finalize soon and upload to appworld! Webworks on Playbook is awesome!

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    04-27-12 08:16 AM