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    Hi guys, would it be possible to run this game on pb? I was thinking of dosbox running win 98 and this win 98 running stronghold. It should work but problem is that when having win 98 under dos I wasnt able to browse files on my pb. So we would probably need to create win98.img image already with preloaded stronghold on it. So would it be possible then? Also does anyone know to create such a image file of win98?

    04-29-12 02:24 PM
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    How To run Windows 95 or 98 on your BlackBerry Playbook ← OpenSourceBB.com – OSBB

    Edit: Clicked too quickly... You can edit the Win98 installer to include the game... It's non-supported by MS anymore so I doubt they would mind if you edited even a pirated version of pre-XP to your wishes...

    2nd edit: You will bypass the image file process by placing it into the install process
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    04-29-12 02:34 PM