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    Introducing our turn-based strategy game "Vampires Vs Werewolves" for Playbook:

    The object of the game is to have control of the most terrain. Each turn you can move/clone one warrior to a tile. If that tile is adjacent to any enemy tiles, it will take control over them. If you like games like Reversi, you'll find this game very entertaining, and it has a unique set of rules!

    - 2 levels of difficulty: Chieftain and Warlord;
    - Hot Seat MultiPlayer - challenge your friend!
    - Unlimited re-playability;
    - Random maps

    - "...Vampires vs Werewolves, thanks to the short length of play, finds a nice balance here, and the visual style of the game does give you a bit more intrigue as you start to play... They've got a well implemented board game here that's quick to play, has sufficient depth to let skill and not luck win a game, and for me that's enough to let Vampires vs Werewolves stay on my device." -- Ewan Spence, AllAboutSymbian, April 2011.

    Your comments are highly appreciated!

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