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    Still cant buy anything from app world. Still getting 10000 error. Tried 3 different credit cards called all the credit cards and they all said they see a change and a instance reversal of the charge. It is Digital River, they are stopping the payments from going through. Not sure what to do now. Does anyone know how to fix this crap?
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    12-21-11 12:25 PM
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    I'm pretty fed up with RIM right now. Spent most of the day on the phone trying to fix this error 10000 problem and got nowhere. Tried 3 different cards and tried setting up Paypal with back up funding source and still nothing. I swear I have never seen a company so unwilling to let people support them. I'm amazed that I can setup a merchant account in 30 minuets and accept credit cards online and RIM cant sort this issue out at all! It has been at least a year people have been complaining about this and they still cant fix the problem. Now you know why it has taken so long for developer to develop for the playbook. Why would they when people cant even buy stuff.
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    12-21-11 04:27 PM
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    I had the problem with multiple cards. When I made a brand new bbid (so now I have one with my phone and one with my playbook) All my cards 'mysteriously' started working. I spent hours on the phone, and quite literally weeks emailing logs, talking with support, who was talking with the developers.

    A full security wipe sucked a lot, but at least I was able to purchase apps. Oddly enough, my pay pal wouldnt work, but the card that my pay pal uses, did work.

    Since I was never able to purchase anything, the only thing I 'lost' was free apps, and the movies that I transferred from my comp. No big deal to sync those back tho.
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    12-21-11 10:28 PM
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    Could it be the enormous number of people buying Angry Birds caused a crash?
    12-21-11 10:57 PM
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    Could it be the enormous number of people buying Angry Birds caused a crash?
    ...if only it was that simple. lol

    Nope, Mine started the 21st of November. One of the first $300 off ones.

    I gave up waiting for them this last weekend and security wiped Friday when I got home. I tried my paypal first. Still 10,000. Then tried the card, and it worked. Was stoked.

    I even went so far as to buy a $25 gift card from the local grocery store. I went so far as to screen shot the information that I put in the registration for the gift card to make sure I re-entered it case sensitive. ><
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    12-21-11 11:15 PM
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    Since I am not from US, is there any email address I can forward my complaint to?

    I am stuck since a few months back. Can't buy anything. Wrote to paypal and received reply yesterday ;

    ' Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support. My name is Reni and I am happy to assist you with query.

    As mention on the previous email, there is no payment attempt for RIM. This is known system issues that PayPal experience with Blackberry currently. To resolve this I suggest you to contact the service provider of your Blackberry for alternative payment method.

    It is my pleasure to assist you. Thank you for choosing PayPal. Your satisfaction is important to us. We welcome your feedback and hope you recommend us to your friends and family.



    PayPal Resolution Services

    PayPal, an eBay Company

    Copyright 2011 PayPal Inc. All rights reserved.'
    12-22-11 01:13 AM
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    I have been wiping, changing CC, paypal, BB ID and god knows what to no avail.

    The only company that do not want money.
    12-22-11 01:15 AM
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    I have been wiping, changing CC, paypal, BB ID and god knows what to no avail.

    The only company that do not want money.
    Certainly seems that way. It worked for me when I did a wipe, made a new bbid, and then used my credit card.

    My bbid was a different email address then the one I had used before. I remember reading something in the forums about it being fixed with an os update, but that doesnt make any sense to me.

    My old ID still doesnt work (and thats tied to my phone so I currently can not purchase apps for it) So Its not playbook (or payment processor that I can see). Its very much related to the email address that the bbid is on.

    ...by chance, Is there anyone that has read this thread that has gotten a gmail account to work? maybe its a gmail thing. The one I switched to is a company email.
    12-22-11 07:36 PM
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    I have been talking with RIM for two days and this issue has been elevated (whatever that means) They have been trying pretty hard to fix this but they have said this is an issue with digital river and RIM. I will post if there are helpful updates.
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    12-22-11 09:14 PM
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    It's absurd since it has already been 1 year and they still can't eliminate the problem.

    Even the tech support comes out with different solutions and work around (I have tried mostly everything in the KBs) without doing anything at their end. It is totally a frustrating experience.
    12-23-11 03:48 AM
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    I wrote to this thread

    Appworld rejects payments error 10000 - Page 2 - BlackBerry Support Community Forums

    Not sure if they are going to reply or not.
    12-23-11 04:51 AM
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    I've been speaking to RIM about this issue for a little over 2 months now. Tried a variety of different things (different payment options/new BB ID/ sending logs to RIM) and still nothing...

    Right now I've been exchanging emails with one RIM support person who seems to have a better idea of what's going on then any other person at RIM I've spoken to. Good guy but still frustrating, I've had the PB since April and still can't purchase apps... Will probably end up dingleberry'ing the PB and installing android app store.

    Someone asked for an email address, I've been getting emails from playbooksupport@blackberry.com and help@blackberry.com
    12-23-11 09:37 PM
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    I had the issue of not being able to purchase apps from App World as I would get an error for credit card and pay pal. I called Tech and they were awesome - you have to do a secuirty wipe and do a new Blackberry ID. I can purchase with credit card now, but still can't using paypal.
    12-24-11 06:07 AM
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    I'm getting tyhis same issue. I don't want to do a security wipeas I have a lot of stuff on my PB now. Is there any way of actualy buying an app without doing this?
    07-28-12 05:01 PM