1. JamesDax3's Avatar
    I see that it's on the market place for $.99. I usually don't download app/games I can't try first but at that price I might. So, has anyone played this? Is it any good?

    04-03-12 01:46 PM
  2. collapsed's Avatar
    It's fun to waste some time once in a while...I bought it and I liked it ...You should buy it :P
    04-03-12 02:38 PM
  3. apengue1's Avatar
    If you like that style of game you should go for it.
    04-03-12 03:54 PM
  4. PatrickMJS's Avatar
    I had fun with it. It stuck at level 2. If you figure out how to get past level 2, let me know please!!!
    04-03-12 04:19 PM
  5. Stuckmojo's Avatar
    Great little game. Now I want the WW2 version and the Warcraft-esque version too
    04-04-12 09:42 AM
  6. Carl Estes's Avatar
    Star Front is a "clone" of Starcraft. Great game. Just have to keep in mind what/where you are when you pick up the game again to continue. WORTH the buck. I paid more......

    04-04-12 10:47 AM
  7. apengue1's Avatar
    Yeah its a well made game. Its not a simple game, its very rich and developed.
    04-04-12 10:48 AM
  8. JamesDax3's Avatar
    Thanks all. Making the purchase.
    04-04-12 11:44 AM