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    Prior to getting my PlayBook I utilized spreadsheets on Google Docs to keep track of a variety of things including lists of stocks (the Google docs spreadsheet even provided some basic financial functions to do things like retrieve current share price).

    Unfortunately, Google Docs is far too painful to use on the playbook (at least the spreadsheets are). I have seen via other posts that many others are of the same view. Is there a mobile version of Google docs for the PlayBook that might work better- I couldn't find one.

    So, what are my best options. I have been using the Docs to Go app on my PlayBook and the spreadsheet is fairly easy to use - looks promising. However, I assume I cannot use it to retrieve basic stock data.

    So, to summarize I am seeking a spreadsheet solution for my PlayBook that is easy to use, can be easily stored/accessed online (don't really want to to keep the files on my mobile device), and ideally provides some ability to retrieve basic stock data. I have tried using the Docs to Go with the Box storage app - seems to work quite nicely with respect to providing storage and ready access to your docs. Any other suggestions that you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    03-23-12 10:45 PM
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    Try the new Smart Office app...there is a trial version that you can try out.
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    03-23-12 11:35 PM
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    Try the new Smart Office app...there is a trial version that you can try out.
    Thanks for this. I have downloaded the trial version and it does look quite slick. I will have to decide whether to get the full version.

    I have read that docs to go is supposed to integrate to Google docs. I certainly can't get it to work so that I can compare it. Do you happen to know if you can make docs to go integrate to Google docs?
    03-24-12 10:44 PM
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    Good luck my friend. DTG for PB was done by RIM and is pretty lame...especially sheets to go which has virtually no functionality...a garbage give away app they pasted together for PB release
    03-25-12 12:54 AM