Has anyone tried this new remote desktop app yet? I would like some feedback on the streaming abilities through Media Centre.

    01-11-12 11:09 AM
  2. briankstan's Avatar
    01-11-12 11:11 AM
  3. jaytee1o4's Avatar
    WHAT! I been waiting for this! It rocked on the touchpad! Thanks for the heads up!
    01-11-12 11:11 AM
  4. ThinkBB's Avatar
    ***Warning about this program:***

    There is no option to disable the remote hosts keyboard,
    mouse, and blank the screen.

    Everything you do from the remote side is visible on screen by someone
    at the host side.

    Also: Splashtop doesn't automatically lock the host on disconnect.
    If you happen to lose your connection without 1st locking or shutting down
    the host computer manually, the host login session is still active and open!
    And given the host computers keyboard, mouse & screen are still unlocked -
    It's an *epic*. Security. "FAIL".

    I posted a 1-STAR review (and this apps 1st!) on APP world
    and its hilarious that it was DELETED and then 6 or so 5-STAR
    reviews that sound like they where written by the same company
    shill appeared.

    Where's my valid security concerned review?

    ***End Warning about this program.***

    Other issues:

    The only way to close the app is through the PB carousel. There
    are no in app menu swipe-down options whatsoever.

    The app is a major battery and CPU hog. Your device *will* heat up.
    01-11-12 02:46 PM
  5. majorusa's Avatar
    The app does not do what they claim it does. I have this app on Ipad, Iphone and now on PB. On the I devices works great. On the PB does not work at all. They say you can watch flash on your remote PC: NOT TRUE! The app slows both the PB and the PC at the point that the movie works with 1-2 fps. The navigation on the PC is jerky and to close a window is an adventure in itself. I could not find the keyboard on the PB. Also the navigation with two or three fingers does not work!

    It is not about the power pf the PC! I have a quad core Q6600 processor though is an older made handles any application. Besides Spalshtop for PB! The Splashtop for I devices works flawlessly! C'mon guys, fix it on the PB!
    01-11-12 02:58 PM