1. shabbyorange101's Avatar
    Hi, i recently have purchased a Blackberry playbook, and i find myself stunned at the ability of this little tablet.

    The one tablet i had before was pitiful. As i have recently installed Dosbox and Scummvm, and am enjoying many many classics.
    I have found myself at a problem. I wish to play Space Quest 2 Remake, which i believe runs only with AGS (adventure game studio) on a mobile device.

    (ScummVM :: Forums :: View topic - Space Quest II Remake Released!)

    I know that Android can run a AGS port. But what about the playbook, is there any way to make this work?

    (AGS engine Android port < AGS port for Android, incl Source code)

    My first post on this board, i hope i did everything right :\
    02-01-12 06:44 PM
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    Sometime this month PB is moving to OS 2... That will enable Android apps to run on PB. I'm not sure what is required in modification for that app... To run on a PB. It is hard to tell at this point whether it will be added to App World for OS 2... Most of the new apps for that release, are not discussed yet.

    Take care,

    02-01-12 07:30 PM