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    I have found in OS2 that some apps seem to disable the GPS.
    Places seems to do that for me and require me to restart PB to have access to it again. I have found a version of Google maps that works as well as Mapdroyd, OsmAnd and Locus that all play nicely.

    I suspect that some other Android apps are also disabling it, but haven't pinned down which ones they are.

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    11-05-11 12:33 AM
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    It may be that there are a variety of different GPS API interfaces and that not all are supported in the OS Beta Android player - so whether the Android app can access the GPS on the Playbook or not, it is likely that it is API dependent.
    11-12-11 05:20 AM
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    gailsher, this could be valuable information, as so far very few if any people other than myself have noticed this same situation.

    I've reported it as a bug in the issue tracker, but RIM people haven't confirmed that they can reproduce the problem yet.

    Can you shed any more light on the conditions leading up to this failure?

    From my observations, the problem does not affect only 2.0 actually, and I've seen it on all versions since 1.0.3 or maybe 1.0.5. I can get it to fail fairly consistently by attempting to run several GPS-using programs simultaneously, where generally one of them does not get readings, and when I've exited them both and restart even the one that worked, it never gets readings again.

    I'm continuing to test, but input from others would be helpful.
    11-12-11 09:03 AM
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    As I said in my previous post, any version of Google's "Places" seems to do it to my PB - after which I need a restart of the PB to get any of the other apps to be able to pick up a signal.

    Poynt seems to do it intermittently eg; today, I started Poynt (native) , did not get a signal and quit the app.,I then started an Android mapping app. Locus, which has the ability to enable or disable the GPS, shows it as enabled, but won't acquire any satellites until PB is rebooted.

    11-12-11 09:49 AM
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    You don't happen to have Battery Guru, do you? If you do, can you check the power consumption in standby when you get the thing into this condition? Part of the ticket I filed notes that whenever the GPS fails, power consumption stays at the level it is normally at when the GPS is active. This means about 0.25W extra power use, which if it occurs while in standby means you see about 0.3W instead of the usual 0.05W.

    You can observe the same thing without Battery Guru if you make it fail as before, then leave it in standby overnight and report the change in battery level. Normally you should use about 3% over a 10 hour period, but when this happens that will jump up to about 17% in 10h.
    11-14-11 03:12 PM
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    I don't have Battery Guru- I am traveling for the next two weeks....I will try and do this test when I get back home.

    Anecdotally speaking...this could account for some heavy usage I have noticed when using Android. I have taken to doing a restart of my PB whenever I finish using any GPS enabled apps over the last couple of week,s
    11-15-11 04:52 AM
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    FYI, they've been able to reproduce this internally now, and believe they have a fix, which will be in some later release.
    11-16-11 11:06 PM