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09-20-13 07:02 AM
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  1. zethaaron's Avatar
    We will email the Skype CEO and Vice President on February 1st with the subject "Skype for the BlackBerry Playbook", and we will achieve our goal!

    This, is a Mass Email Campaign (with a smaller Twitter Component). We want Skype on the BlackBerry Playbook, it is a great video chatting service, and with two cameras, 1080p, and stereo microphones, Skype chatting on the Playbook could be better than on most laptops. It seems right now that Skype is not going to make an app for the Playbook, but we want to change that. Many people have been saying, the way to get Skype on the Playbook is to email both the Skype CEO: Tony Bates, and the Skype Vice President: Neil Stevens, the problem with this is that the emails are not organized, people are sending them in here and there and so far, this has not worked. What we want to do is make an organized push, so we want people posting on this thread, committing that on one day - February 1st, they will Email both Tony Bates, and Neil Stevens, regarding Skype for the Blackberry Playbook. If you work for a company that uses Skype frequently, have a loved one who lives far away, or really any other situation where you feel you can press a certain issue in your email, I encourage you to do so. We want them to get every kind of reason there is. If you don't have time to write your email, please feel free to use the email below, as what we're looking for the most here is that we get a lot of people emailing on the same day, again, February 1st. The one real condition is that you set the subject to "Skype for the Blackberry Playbook" (we would love to have Neil and Tony open their inboxes only to find tonnes of emails with the same clear cut subject line), and we hope that you will email both Neil Stevens, and Tony Bates, to really get the point across. These are the email addresses: neil.stevens@skype.net
    I've setup a Gmail account too, here's the email: pbskypecampaignofficial@gmail.com
    PLEASE REMEMBER TO CC TO THIS ACCOUNT AFTER YOU SEND THE FIRST TWO EMAILS. It will allow me to see how many were sent and I'll post the official numbers online.
    Just send your original email to the CEO and VP of Skype, then CC(forward) it to the above address. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO DO THIS, it will only take a minute, and it will allow me to keep track of just how many people really sent in. I would really appreciate this.

    We don't know that this will work, but as I said, you can use the email below if you do not have time to compose your own, so we might as well try. Please post on here if you intend to take part, and leave negativity at the door, if you think this is a stupid idea simply don't post and don't take part. Please remember, even if use your own, personally composed email rather than the one below, use the subject line "Skype for the Blackberry Playbook". Please avoid spam, but spread the word! Thank you in advance.

    Join the Facebook group!!!: Skype for Blackberry Playbook Email Campaign | Facebook
    Please make sure you post on here too! We need posts on this thread to keep it up in a noticeable spot for other people to discover it! Use Facebook but post on here too please!

    Follow the new Twitter Page! The Twitter Page will post updates similar to this page and the Facebook page, to promote the mass email campaign plan which is to be executed February 1st, 2012. There is also a small Twitter component to our campaign, where we plan to Tweet to @Skype to ask for Skype for the BlackBerry Playbook (this is also to be done February 1st). Please note, we would love it if you took part in both the email and the Twitter, but as the email is the primary component in our mission, I should say that if you only are willing to do one of the two, please choose to email, it's quick and simple, you just have to copy and paste the email, and type in the subject "Skype for the BlackBerry Playbook". As for the Tweets, say whatever you want, but a basic "Please, we want Skype for the BlackBerry Playbook!" Should do. Thank you for your time in advance. Twitter Page:

    I am emailing on February 1st, with the subject line "Skype for the BlackBerry Playbook", will you?

    The Email (again, feel free to use your own variation, just keep true to our spirit!):

    To whom it may concern,

    I am emailing you today for one simple reason, I, and many others, want a Skype app for the Blackberry Playbook.

    We understand that when you develop an app, you want to be sure it will succeed, and we respect that, but we believe a Skype app for the Blackberry Playbook would succeed. First of all, while Skype may be waiting for Playbook sales to increase before developing an app, I know for a fact that a lot of people are put off by the fact that the Playbook doesn't have Skype, and possibly even avoid buying a Playbook because of it. Essentially, your app could generate more business for the Playbook, which would in turn generate more business for said app. Also, with the Playbooks two cameras, 1080p video, and stereo microphones, Skype could be a better experience on the Blackberry Playbook than most laptops, and certainly the iPad or Android tablets. Additionally, with the Blackberry Playbook's OS 2.0 update coming in February, critics and fans alike are anticipating a truly great operating system for the tablet, and a large increase in sales. There are so many reasons Skype would be successful for the Blackberry Playbook, and so many reasons you should develop it. The biggest reason? We want it, not to sound demanding, but this is what the consumer wants.

    Another thing which should be taken into account, is that with RIM's plans for BlackBerry Playbook OS and BlackBerry OS 10 to eventually merge, Playbook OS 2.0 apps and BlackBerry OS 10 apps are very compatible, that is, an app designed for BlackBerry Playbook OS 2.0 would need only very minor tweaking, and it would be capable of running on BlackBerry phones which use OS 10. There you have it, with the development of only one app, Skype could be supported on the BlackBerry Playbook, as well as BlackBerry OS 10 phones, and this would be big news. With newer BlackBerry phones, and the BlackBerry Playbook instantly supported, Skype would have a massive new market of consumers, and BlackBerry users, and especially potential users, would be much more likely to invest in such devices, leading to higher sales for RIM, and for Skype. Skype for the Playbook WILL increase sales for both companies. Skype is something millions of people use, and it should be available to millions more, especially with the way Skype is all about supporting any and all platforms.

    I don't have to tell you why Skype is so great, it brings people together across the world, and it provides great work opportunities for companies that frequently use telecommuting. From soldiers speaking with their kids across the ocean, but face to face, to companies working out mergers, to kids in their basements talking about video games; Skype brings people together, and keeps the world interconnected in a way that no other VoIP or Video Chatting software even remotely rivals. We want Skype for the Blackberry Playbook, and we think you should want it too.

    Thank you for your time, sincerely,

    The Consumer
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    01-25-12 08:23 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    You have my bow.

    EDIT: Feb 2nd 2012

    Well done guys! Now let's see how they react!
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    01-25-12 08:25 PM
  3. blackberrymike21's Avatar
    Lets get Skype on BlackBerry!
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    01-25-12 08:26 PM
  4. krooz's Avatar
    hats off to you, zethaaron, for organizing this. February 1st is marked in my calendar. Let the petitioning begin!
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    01-25-12 08:29 PM
  5. Jake2826's Avatar
    Count me in.
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    01-25-12 08:31 PM
  6. cogsinister's Avatar
    I will if you remind me.
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    01-25-12 08:39 PM
  7. kennyliu's Avatar
    Yes, please, do remind us here and in the General Discussion section. Thanks.
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    01-25-12 08:52 PM
  8. gedvondur's Avatar
    "And my Axe!" And I'll swing it at you from my Skype!!
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    01-25-12 08:54 PM
  9. Chaplain_Clancy's Avatar
    Try making a facebook event for people to join.
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    01-25-12 08:56 PM
  10. zethaaron's Avatar
    Try making a facebook event for people to join.
    Thanks, that's a great idea! I should have it up in a few minutes and then I'll post it here! I've also contacted the Crackberry news area in the hopes that we can get a homepage article posted. Good luck to us all!
    01-25-12 09:06 PM
  11. Canuck671's Avatar
    you have my axe
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    01-25-12 09:10 PM
  12. zethaaron's Avatar
    Alright, the Facebook Event is up! Please everyone join immediately! It has all of the same information including the email you I provided that you can copy and paste if you want.

    Here you go!

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    01-25-12 09:23 PM
  13. O-Cilfa's Avatar
    Lets go!!!
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    01-25-12 09:37 PM
  14. mfreedmn97's Avatar
    i'd argue skype is a top three needed app. netflix, sonos 2 and 3. send those emails. power in numbers people.
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    01-25-12 09:40 PM
  15. zethaaron's Avatar
    Hey I know there are people looking at this post and moving on, don't be discouraged, if we fail, it will be because people looked and moved on! Work for the cause people! Don't forget to join the facebook event to make sure you remember! Also, I'm happy to take advice, and if anyone wants to mention ideas to add to the email template I'll gladly listen!
    01-25-12 09:45 PM
  16. allhookedup's Avatar
    I'm in. If we can get 800+ votes on an xda forum poll, i'm sure we can put a couple emails in Skype's inbox
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    01-25-12 10:02 PM
  17. vpblaze's Avatar
    I am in. A skype app would be awesome!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9810 using Tapatalk
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    01-25-12 10:25 PM
  18. TTBGF's Avatar
    good stuff, count me in!
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    01-25-12 10:40 PM
  19. andino's Avatar
    I'm down for this
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    01-25-12 11:40 PM
  20. polgara59's Avatar
    Skype on the PlayBook is a no-brainer.
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    01-25-12 11:49 PM
  21. musical1806's Avatar
    Great idea. I am in.

    Quick question: is there a viable alternative to Skype, and i dont mean a work around. I mean an alternative that we could mention in the email to point out that "X" number of PB users can turn to, easily share with friends and family and use.That is how Skype has grown and maybe reminding the CEO that might help him see the need for the app.

    Alternatively why not ask RIM for a desktop client, say built into BB desktop, free to download and use. We have video chat on the PB so how hard can it be and that way every BB user would have access to BBV.
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    01-25-12 11:55 PM
  22. zethaaron's Avatar
    Great idea. I am in.

    Quick question: is there a viable alternative to Skype, and i dont mean a work around. I mean an alternative that we could mention in the email to point out that "X" number of PB users can turn to, easily share with friends and family and use.That is how Skype has grown and maybe reminding the CEO that might help him see the need for the app.

    Alternatively why not ask RIM for a desktop client, say built into BB desktop, free to download and use. We have video chat on the PB so how hard can it be and that way every BB user would have access to BBV.
    I like where your head's at, but if we were going to mention another client to Skype, we'd have to be careful, we don't want to hurt ourselves by them just thinking, okay so use that? The main thing about other video chatting apps is that I don't really want to bug everyone I know to download some other program that my playbook supports, y'know? Hence wanting Skype. Anyway, I hate to seem rude, if you've got anymore input then fire away! But for now I think we should avoid alternative talk and just think that this is going to work and we'll get skype! :P If you want to talk some more about email ideas, feel free to pm me!

    Luck to us all!
    01-26-12 12:00 AM
  23. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    Fantastic idea! Hope it gains some traction!!
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    01-26-12 12:04 AM
  24. zethaaron's Avatar
    Fantastic idea! Hope it gains some traction!!
    Having just done the math, if we get 30 people every 5 hours (which is what the current data at hand suggests), and that keeps up perfectly, we could have 852 people by 12am on email day! And I'm very hopefull that our rate of commitments will accelerate and we can go over 1000!
    01-26-12 12:10 AM
  25. ekafara's Avatar
    I'm in too! I would have loved the PlayBook to have Skype on it the entire time I've had it. I'm down in Aus for a year and would have been really handy to talk to the family on the PB.
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    01-26-12 12:30 AM
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